Saturday, December 31, 2011


I'm going to keep you guys company tonight, cause I have absoluteley nothing to do, our plan was to go up to the village and look at the fireworks and stuff, but it's really bad weather :/ Just like last night it's raining REALLY heavy, thunders and lightning. And new for today: Hail. Nice. On this island it's so heavy rain, you can't imagine. In Sweden it rains for a whole day sometimes, but that's just normal rain, though here it's like so much rain that you can't see where you're driving. But just for like and hour!

The pics of my flat is coming, though probably not until 8 or something. Until 12 I think I'm going to draw with my new nice pencils and stuff, they're soooooo niiiiiiiiccceeeee to draw with! Do you want me to show you the result?


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