Monday, December 26, 2011


Hi everybody! hope you've had a great christmas. For me it was very.... different. We opened presents yesterday, I got the Justin Bieber-book, drawingstuff, some rings, a mascara, this trip to Cyprus, and my piano. And money. Actually, I prefer Christmas at home, it's more Christmas then I think.

Otherwise it's nice here, I swimmed in the sea today! After that me and my bigbrother went for a looong jog, I beated him, haha :P I'm supposed to do some maths now, but I have to blog when I have the chance. I'm on my dad's computer, he has Internet for his job, but we're going to get internet here tomorrow, thank god for that. So tomorrow I can probably update!

Now I have to do maths, I love you all!

xx Sara

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