Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let go of me

Hiiiii, I'm not in the mood for blogging, but anyway...

My sister is now in Vienna, she is going home today... Tomorrow my brother will leave :( That means that I'll be here all alone with just my mom and dad :( Boring but true... Though we're going home the 2nd, so that's really good! Hehe, I'm wierd. Now I'm going to tell you about yesterday and today, I'll start with yesterday.

Yesterday we went to Akamas, a nature reserve in the northwest of Cyprus. It's a peninsula, really beatiful with beaches with turtles! So me and my brother climbed in the mountains for two hours, it was hard, we had to climb, crawl, jump and stuff like that. When we were going back to the car, we saw goats coming from the mountains, in a biiiiiig group. They walked on, and we didn't think more about that. You see goats very often here. But like a hundred metres away, we saw a lonely goat, he was screaming after his friends, he was walking towards the village, the wrong way, and he was so sad! So ofc, as the animalfriend that I am, we had to help him. So we herded him back to the mountains, and 15 mins later we heard the jingle from the other goats. The lonelt goat was so happy, he ran after them as fast as he could. It felt soooo nice to help him!

When we got home from Akamas we did like nothing, and then we went to Pafos Boardwalk (I don't really know how to say it in english....) and ate on a restaurant. After that we went home and just did nothing ;)

And today... We went to Limassol to drop of my sister so she could take the bus to Larnaca to the airport. Limassol is Cyprus largest city, though Nicosia is the capital. We haven't been there before, because we thought it was going to be just lots of traffic and stuff. And ofc it was much traffic, but the town center was really nice! It felt.... geniune actually. We found a really good restaurant, and we took lots of pictures. You'll se them as soon as get the energy to put them on my Macbook ;) We went home at 4 maybe, and because our apartment is in Kissonerga, a smaaaallllllllll village 10 kilometres after Pafos, which is 70 kilomtres from Limassol, it took us an hour and a half to get home.... And up to now, I have done absolutely nothing... And do you know hos awfully it was today ehen I went inside a petshop? The had like 7 puppies in small cages, the puppis was so smaaaallll! Seriously, who does that sort of thing? I mean, I'd NEVER put small dogs in cages?! So unfair :( Atleast I helped a goat yesterday...

Now you got a really long post.... and no pics :( sorry, but I tried for like 5 mins :(


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