Friday, December 30, 2011

My New Drug

Hi everyone, I just came inside the door, it was so much people in the shop, probably cause it's New Year's Eve tomorrow, and like all shops are closed on the 1st and 2nd.... But we made it!

Today my brother went home, now it's so lonely in the apartment.. I really miss my siblings nowadays, I don't see them so often anymore. My borther has moved, and my sister is just working and working. Soon she will move aswell. It was really nice weather today this morning, though in the afternoon the clouds started to come. So we went to look at some furniture! And as I said before, we bought a lamp and a small table. Maybe I'll show you tomorrow. That's pretty much all we've done today...

And, if you wonder about the title, my new drug is not a real drug, it's a game! It's called GreenFarm, it's pretty much like FarmVille, but it's an app and it's REALLY nice grafic. It's that sort of game that you just get addicted to in like no time at all :P On the pic you see my farm. If you wonder about the fence, I just haven't had the energy to buy more :P

And one more thing: Do you want me to show you "my" apartment?

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Anonymous said...

show us ur apartment :D