Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stick out your head and you'll drown


Right now I'm sitting inside, waiting for the rain to go past... It's REALLY heavy rain, like so much that some cars is getting stuck in puddles. Though it is like 15 degrees, but you don't want to go out in this, believe me... We have no electricity either, so today we have to eat cold food. What a new year's eve... If you look at the weather they say it's going to be 50 mm of rain, nice.....

Anyway, let's look at this from the positive side, now I have plenty of time to do maths, and it's kinda cozy to sit in here hearing the rain fall down. Oh, our electricity just came back, so now we can eat some nice food! On the pic you see how much rain we have here right now. I don't own the picture!

Have to go,
rainy hugs from your Sara<3

P.S. Someone wanted me to show you my apartment, so I'll do that aswell. Keep looking!

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