Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eenie Meenie

I love that song, the chorus, is soooo catchy :) And Justin is sooo awesome <3 His new song is so great, even with the screams in the background ;) I'm sure when it comes out for real it'll be AWESOME. (It already is..) I just hope that they won't fast it up, the speed that it has now is just perfect <3 Why do you not like Justin Bieber? Someone who don't, can you please explain for me? Because I really don't get it...

Anyway, I think that I'll stay home tomorrow... I don't want to!! When you're in school you're always like oh, it's so much better to be sick... And when you're sick, I wan't to go to school. I'm like that anyway...

Have a good night,

Home Sweet Home

I'm finally home after a loooong day! After school I went to Indira's and then to dance rehearsals. And I'm only in the door now. ;) Now I'm listening to Love Me by Justin Bieber, feels like ages ago I've listened to it. :P Soon I'm having dinner, I'm so hungry, haven't had like anything to eat all day, we had fish soup for lunch. -.- We're having lasagne, my favourite! :D

Luv ya,
Cat xx


Should I order Justin's perfume, or should I not? The thing is that it's just perfume, and if I do order it, I have to pay it by myself. And then I'll lose 400 kronor... Not fun... I like the smell, but do I really need it? The answer is no..

Well, help needed!


I can't believe it.

I'm chocked. It can't be true. It just can't. Louis can't be that mean, and chuck can't be that stupid, and Blair just can't be such a fool!!!!!!! Seriously, call Dan instead of Chuck? But I'm not worried, Chuck and Blair have to be together, so in the end of season five, I bet they'll be together and live happily ever after. And then I hope there won't be another season.

Can't believe it.

Marley & Me

I don't get it. Everytime I see this movie, it makes me cry. Every time. And it makes me realize how much I love my dogs. Okey, so I have nothing to write about, so why did I even start a post..? What do you want to read? Comment and this blog will be so much funner!

Here's a pic of me and my brother from Cyprus <3
xx Sara

Monday, January 30, 2012


Goodmorning everyone!

Today I feel better, though not well enough to get me out of the sofa :P The only thing I have to get up for is my charger to my Mac. Soon I'm going to put on a movie, or maybe read in my new books! I ordered them last week, and now they're here! It's "Mina Hemligheter" By Sophie Kinsella "Dubbelbokat" by Sophie Kinsella and "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins :)


Alvin, Simon & Theodore

Heyyyy. This is the first time I've been on the computer all day... well except for during technology but that doesn't really count. :/ I didn't get home until around 4.30 because after school me and my mum went to Inter Sport to get me new dance shoes because I lost my other ones hehe. :3 Then when I got home I had to write a stupid Alliteration poem. :/ I don't know how many times I re-wrote it though finally I got something. It's about Alvin, Simon and Theodore.. you know, from Alvin and the Chipmunks. xD I love them. :P Me and Myles talked about them during the whole of English, his poem is about chipmunks. :P I really wanna see Chipwrecked, though no one wants to see it with me. -.- Though I will get someone eventually!! xD My favourite is Theodore, who's your favourite? Tell me in the comments. :*

Here's a pic of the awesomest dudes ever...

Luv ya,
Cat xx


I'm home again!

There was something wrong with my ear, so now I have to eat medicine for them.. So that probably means that I have to stay home tomorrow too.

Tomorrow it's Tuesday, which means Gossip Girl! Can't wait! :D It's going to be so fun watching Georgina crash that wedding, cuz seriously, Blair just can't marry Louis. If she does, she's so stupid.

I guess everyone is soon coming home from school, just 4 days to go! For me it's like, Oh yes it's Friday, and then I'm just thinking; Yeah. What am I going to do now? :S

When I look at that pic, I just want summer soooo bad. Look at the nice weather and the flowers...

Have a good afternoon!
xx Sara

Off to the doctor

I'm so tired, I don't have the energy to go to the doctor :( I feel worse than yesterday, maybe I have to stay home tomorrow too :(

Anyway, I have to go now,

Sunday, January 29, 2012



I'm under a blanket on the sofa, it's so cozy here, I don't want to go up. But I have to eat breakfast... So soon I'm going to do that. I woke up my normal time today, which is 5.57. So yeahhh.... And at 1 I'm going very quick to the dentist and after that to the doctor. We're going to check my ear.

So, have a good day!


Going to bed now, Sweet Dreams<3



My weekends are always so boring! But there's like nothing to do here, it's enough to live in the same place for 12 years... After that you've done most of everything here... I want to move. From this boring place, from this horrible country. Why don't take a chance?

Right now I'm watching a really boring program, it's called "Mammor & Minimodeller". So boooorinnnggggg.....



Just read Sara's post about how she didn't like Bridesmaids. I'm just like WHAT!?!? :O right now. I mean, how can you NOT like Bridesmaids??? :O Every single time I've watched it I have been laughing my head off, especially when they were all throwing up and when Annie is trying to get Nathan's attention in the car. Oh and when they're on the plane. I would love if that happened on a plane I was on. xD I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole movie. :P But then again, that's just me.
How about you tell us what you thought of the movie in the comments?

Luv ya,
Cat xx


I'm going to stay home, though I need to go to the dentist at 2, my braces are broken -.-

Yesterday I watched Bridesmaids, I hated that movie. Everyone thought it was fun, and I was just like, what? The story was so boring, the humor wasn't good at all and I sat bored to death for 2 hours. Not to recommend.... But Legally Blonde 2 was really good, but I'm not going to watch number 3, if Reese Witherspoon isn't in it, then I'm not going to watch it! It's the same thing with Gossip Girl, Leighton will probably not play Blair after season 5, seriously, Blair is Blair, and you can't change the actress for her....

I have no idea of what I'm going to do now, maybe read or play the piano or something else.

The Puppy Years

Goodmorning Sunshines!! Last night I watched Marley & Me: The Puppy Years. It was kinda cheesy, what with the talking dogs and stuff but it was funny because of that. I would recommend watching it, but not if you don't like talking animals. xD

Here's a pic of Marley showing his swaginess during the film...

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Isn't it wierd thinking that yesterday it was the first day of the weekend, and now it's the last...? I hardly slept this night, I couldn't breathe, it was too warm in the room, too cold.... So today I'm really tired and I don't feel better. That's not fun.

I'm going to eat breakfast really soon, and after that mom, my sister and I are going to the new gym up here, they're going to buy some cards. Or my mom is, my sister got it in birthday present...

So, what are you going to do this Sunday?



Okay... recently I have got this obsession with Queen. In Drama we're singing some of their songs and now I'm just like Queen OMG!?!? :P Right now I'm talking on facebook talking to Sara and Laura who is driving me crazy saying how amazing the One Direction concert was. Nearly everyone I know from Belfast went to see One Direction and I'm just sittin' in Sweden listening to their albums on the squeezbox. :/ I wanna see them soooo badddd!!!

Look at Liam's abs... hehe. :3

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Today is a special day..


So this started at like 8.30, mom woke me up and we had breakfast, and after that we went birthday-shopping. It went really good, and the best thing for her was her new watch, a Calvin Klein. I just love it, I want one too! It was kinda expensive, so I have to dream about it... She also got a book, things for her new apartment, and a really nice necklace. And a gymcard. After that we made lunch and she opened her presents...

And now I'm sitting here with my hurting throat, head and ears, thinking of which movie I should watch... Now I'm thinking om Marley & Me, I've already seen it, though it was on a plane.. Or maybe Legally Blonde 2. I don't know really :P Tips? :D

Have a good Saturday-night! ❤



Hey... In a while I'm leaving for drama. Then after my mum and I might go shopping a little in Malmö while we're there, though I'm not sure. Today I don't have any plans just going to chillax, it's been ages since I got to have some me time on Saturday. I've been away every weekend, so this is nice. :P
Right now I'm watching Austin & Ally. No disney show will ever be as good as Hannah Montana, Suite Life and Wizards. :/ My childhood is over. ;( I feel sorry for all the kids that will grow up watching A.N.T farm, Shake it Up and Austin & Ally. The only good new show is Good Luck Charlie but it's not really new... they're onto their 3rd season now. :P
Now I've been rambling so, bye.

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Friday, January 27, 2012

Movie night over

So, now I've watched Legally Blonde and 13 going on 30. Both were really good, though I liked Legally Blonde more. Because I'm sick I'm going to bed now, so all of you, Sweet Dreams!


Bride Wars

I really love girly movies, but this one was just boring. I don't know why, but one and a half hour felt like three. Wierd.. And I just hated Emma's dress :P

Now I'm going to watch either Abduction or Legally Blonde, I don't know. Or maybe I should do something else. I hate being sick, you can't do anything. Sitting down forever alone with no company. Hate it... I hop I feel better tomorrow, it's my sister's birthday. She's turning 20... Time passes quick. And I still don't have a present..!!!! Seriously, what am I going to do? :o

So, if anyway has a tip for what you can do when you're sick, or a gift tip, it's more than welcome!


Headlines... Stupid.

Hello everyone.

I'm finally home from school, it felt like the longest schoolday in my life. I should have stayed home. So thanks to school, I feel even worse than I did this morning... Mom is away shopping salmon for lunch, she should be home any minute. My plans was to meet up with Cat, though I don't think I can do that now. But who knows, maybe I'm feeling really good after lunch?

I'm so tired, so I don't have the energy to blog... Maybe later! And I just want to say that the stats is soooo good! Thankyou! :*


Thursday, January 26, 2012


.. or not. Today I don't really feel well, I'm thinking about if I'm going to stay home or not... It's such a short day, but I feel... yeah, not good

Sorry, but I don't have time to blog, so have a good day!


Bless Us Fater. We're About to Sind.

The light in my weeks nowadays is Tuesdays! Then I can watch the new Gossip Girl episode. Because swedes are so after I have to wait one extra day. If I had watched it on TV I would have to wait even longer, thank god for Internet.

Since season 5 started it's been kinda boring, but when you look at the promo for episode 13, it looks like thing's going to be a bit more like Gossip Girl! If Georgina is going to ruin the wedding I'll love her forever. If Blair actually marries Louis, I will totally ditch that show. No Chuck & Blair, no Gossip Girl. If I'm going to be honest, I don't care about Serena, Nate, Dan or anyone else. I don't even know what they're doing right now. All I care about is Chuck & Blair. They should rename the show to "Chuck and Blair's show". And all those people who says that Blair has to be with Dan (no offense) what are you thinking? Since episode 7 in season 1, it's really clear who Blair has to be with. Chuck and Blair... Even the names are so perfect. It's so obvious, now the producers just want to have more watchers, that's why they're keeping Chuck & Blair away from eachother. I just hope we'll get a happy ending!

I just love Georgina's "Bless Us Father. We're About to Sind".

What do you think- should Blair be with Chuck, Louis or Dan?
/ Sara

How I Use Facebook.

Okay. So people in my school (and everyone else) always use Facebook. 24/7. One of my friends is ALWAYS online, if we're talking, she's on facebook at the same time. Seriously? And when I ask them, what are you doing really? Because how interesting can it be to sit there reading; "Cat and Sara are now friends". I would get tired in one sec. Yeah, it's good to keep contact with people, but I'm not on it 24/7. I got Facebook 2 years ago, and in the start I played LOTS of FarmVille. Then I stopped and I wasn't on it for a while, because only like two of my friends had FaceBook then. After that everyone started to get it, so then I thought, okay, I'll give it one more chance. And then I was trapped. When I open internet nowadays, I automatically tap the browser thing, write the letter f and then I see all these blue colours. Checking very quickly, it can't take more than 10 seconds.

So that's pretty much how I use FaceBook. Log on, checking stuff for 10 secs, and IF there's someone interesting online (Cat) I stay on. But nothing more than that. So if I'm going to rate FaceBook on a scale 1-10, it'll get......

a 7! And the reason? Admit it, it's very good to use it if you're not seeing your friends and family everyday. And you can stalk people without them knowing about it. Hihi. No names.

How do you use Facebook?

/ Sara

ScAAAAry! :O

Hey, I'm just like :O right now because I just read Sara's post about The Last Song and today in school at lunch, me, Indira, Magnus and Nathaniel were talking about it. So that was kinda freaaaaky. :S It's not really something that you would talk about much exactly. xD Me, Magnus and Nathaniel were saying to Indira that the movie was so bad and she was just like nooo. So sorry to everyone who loves The Last Song.. I think it's really BAD. And I LIKE Miley Cyrus! :P I just thought it was long and boring. ;)

Right now I'm chatting to Sara on facebook so I need to give me full attention to her. :P
Luv ya,
Cat xx

The Last Song

I just watched that movie,I really liked it! Just my type of movie :) And Liam Hemsworth is HOT.
Now it's like evening, and my throat still hurts soooo bad. Not very fun ...

The stats today = good, that's fun!
But I can't think of anything more to say, so here's so pics from Immeln ;)

If you don't know what Immeln is, it's like a "camp" that you do in 5th grade if you live in the district that owns the house that you live in. You're going there with the whole class for two days and just having fun, though I didn't think it was SO fun, but of course I have alot of memories from there, especially when we were in a canoe xD I could tell you, though that would take a looong time, but it was so fun. I will NEVER forget that, I don't think that Cat will forget it either...

Have a good night!

The Sofa

Hey guys, right now I'm sitting on the sofa, and soon I'm going to put on a good movie. Don't know which one it will be... The whole day today was really bad, the only good thing today was lunch. Talked to some nice people.

Anyway, I have nothing to blog about, so here's a movie from Immeln May 2011. Miss the old times :(<3

I'm so sorry Cat, but it's really dun to watch ;) Remember when you couldn't get your shoe of? xD


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today is one of those day when I just feel like I want to die... My throat hurts, I'm tired and I just don't have the energy for life. Stupid school -.- So today I can't talk, wonder how that goes...

I can't write more, I have to like do something now, ask my dad what it it :P

Have a better day than me!

Pain -.-

My thorat hurts soooo baaaad. The wierd thing with me is that yesterday i thought "hey, I think I'm going to be sick this week". And now I probably will be that! Wiiiiieerd. I hate when my throat hurts, there's like nothing you can do about it -.-

Anyway, I'm not going to have a long talk about my throat, so let's go on!
Today it's my brother's birtday, say congratz to him! So after piano he picked me up, because dad and mom was going to get him a present. After that we made food, rolled chicken filled with nice stuff with pasta and tomato sauce. Really nice. For desert we had raspberry-pie with custard, I loooooovvveee raspberry-pie, though I hate applepie.

So, tomorrow we have the NewsQuiz, it feels like I'm going to fail totally -.- Anyone who knows anything about the world this week? Mostly in Sweden... hehe.

Have a wonderful evening,
xx Sara

(pics is taking 4ever)

Too many freakin essays :@

I have too many freakin essays to write, I have like for... one in science, history, music and health. What is it with teachers and essays? :@ Right now I'm finishing off my science essay and then I might start my history. It's about your life and death in the black plague. Great way to spend your Wednesday evening right..?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So Cold

Yeah. Minus 7. AGAIN! When I walked my dogs it was so freakin' cold, I don't want to cycle to school :( Though what can you do? Going to leave soon so I'm just over and done with it :)

School ends at 3, and then I'm going to piano, so I'm not going to update this afternoon. And today it's my brother's birthday, so a little tight ;)



Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams!

Didn't know that the clock was so much, wieeeeerrrddd.... And I'm hungry. Dang it :P

Yeah, hope you'll have a nice sleep,


Amazing Horse

I'm just like really bored so I thought I'd share some videos with you. These videos have been the talk abouts' in school for like the past three months... and they still are. xD Lots of people have actually watched all 10 hours of these videos. We're really random people. xD We've actually watched all these videos in English and History... we have an awesome school. :P

There's more videos, though I cba to post them. xD

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Made for loving you

Chuck & Blair. Blair & Chuck.
End Of Story.

Top 10 Perfumes (with comments)

...by Sara.

(x menas I own it)

1. Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. Absolutely lovely! It doesn't smell to much, and it doesn't smell "perfume" at all! (x)

2. Oh Lola- Marc Jacobs. (The pink one) I love the smell and the bottle, so nice! It's expensive though :P ( )

3. Someday by Justin Bieber. Smells really nice, though I don't really like the bottle. Though I'm going to order it. ( )

4. Britney Spears Fantasy. Like it, my first perfume! (x)

5. Naomi Campell Seductive Elixir.Like it, though the bottle is a little boring. (x)

6. Beyonce- Heat. (The really red one) Love it! This should be higher up; mabye a third place, though I don't have the energy xD (x)

7. Viva la Juicy. Like the smell, but not the bottle. ( )

8. Avril Lavigne- Forbidden Rose. Like it, but it goes away pretty quickly. ( )

9. Chanel Chance. This one is too.... i don't know :P But I kinda like the bottle (x)

10. Marc Jacobs- Daisy. Like the bottle (this guy can do bottles), but the smell.... Well not as good as the bottle ( )


P.S. Do you like lists like this one? Comment!

Something Borrowed

After reading Sara's post, it really put me in the mood for watching Something Borrowed, feels like I haven't watched it in centuries. xD Anyway, today after school I first went to Indira's were I did my maths and french homework so I wouldn't have to do it now, then at 4.30 I went to the Swedish Bladins because I had dance rehearsals for the musical. There is this one really funny guy. He reminds me of Perez Hilton, they speak the exact same and they actually look a bit alike. :P I got home about 10 mins ago, so this has been a loooong day for me. :P

G2G have dinner now,
Luv ya,
Cat xx

Good Evening!


Now I have watched the new Gossip Girl Episode! KInda boring actually, it feels like they've lost the story a bit. Soon I'm going to paint my nails, I might show it if I'm happy with it. Tomorrow it's Wednesday, which means Friday soon. Not really, but anyway. I'm a little wierd, because I'm like OMG, it's Friday soon during the weeks, but when it's weekend I'm just like; I have nothing to do. So for me it's more like YES, another school week done... Little wierd..

Soon My top 10 perfumes will come!



So, I have a problem. We're (me and my sister) going to eat, and we have like the basic ingridients. + Chicken.

And we have no idea what we're going to do. Nothing seems good enough. And I'm so hungry!!!!

Anyone who could help us???!!!!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Minus 7

Okeeeeeeeyyyy. Today it's -7. SERIOUSLY?

Think I'm going to cycle asap, so I'm just over and done with it... Coooooooollllldddd!!!

Today I'm going to watch the new Gossip Girl episode :) School ends at 2.10, so it's kinda chill. though hate Tuesdays....

I have to go now, have a good day!


Top 10 movies (with comments)

by Sara.

1. Titanic. Do I need to write more?

2. The Lion King. That movie is a masterpiece, it has a meaning and a story. And a message.

3. A Walk To Remember. A lovely movie, and it really touched my heart.

4. Breaking Dawn pt 1. Don't like the other Twilight-movies, they don't have feelings for eachother, but in this one you actually laugh sometimes.

5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Love Harry Potter!

6. Charlie St. Cloud. This one is really good, maybe a bit hard to understand.

7. Something Borrowed. A very fun movie that makes you feel good!

8. The Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship of the Ring. I don't need to write more.

9. Lady and the Tramp. This one should be higher up! Maybe 5th place, but I don't have the energy to move it ;)

10. Bambi. Gosh. Sad movie, I always cry to this one :'(

Next Time: My Top 10 Favourite Perfumes., and which do I already own?

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Hey guys, wassup? Sorry for the really bad updating today, after school I had to go straight to the Swedish side and go to rehearsals. They were really fun because we just did these random games to get to know each other, but now it's the real things so like ahhh. D: I didn't get home until around 5.45 and then I had to do my English homework.. I had to write another poem, but this time it was a hyperbole poem. :P Then I had dinner so this is the first that I've been on the computer the whole day! :O

Now I cba to write anymore.
Luv ya,
Cat xx

Good Evening!

Hey everyone!

There's one thing I wonder about, why even have a blog if you're just going to update once or twice a week, or just like one line like this blog :Yeah, you can't really see very good, but like seriously? If you're going to have a "real" blog you have to update!

Anyway, today has been a totally normal day. School, home, eat, homework, and now I'm sitting here again ;) Later I'm going to do some more homework or watch a movie or something, nice :)

So, what have you guys done today? Something fun maybe?

Well, hope you'll have a good evening!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Evening already?!

Shit, time passes fast sometimes... I'm sitting in my room listening to Justin <3 Love it. Soon I'm going to do something else, I dunno what.... Maybe study some English... Boring. 2morrow it's Monday, that sucks. I'm going to do nothing, do some homework and stuff like that, nothing exciting.

can't think of anything to blog sbout,

& the snow finally came..

...just a bit late.

Hello everyone!

This morning I woke up at 8.45, and after breakfast me and mom went to the gym. When we came home I took a shower and then I played piano and painted my nails. Then we did lunch, Canelloni filled with ricotta, spinach, chicken, sundried tomatoes and chili. That's like my favourite food now :P And the best thing is that it's healthy! If you're eating with the Weight Watchers anyway :P It's in their book...

Now I just finished my tea, and this afternoon is going to be boring I think. Maybe I'm going to draw a bit or something, I have no idea. We'll see!


That's an awesome pic ;)

A Healthy Meal Plan

Hey people. Right now I am designing a meal plan for science. We have to write up a lab report for the experiment we did on Thursday and one of the things we have to do is design a healthy meal plan for a week. It's harder than what you would think.. especially considering I don't know any type of dishes that you can have. -.- I'm on Day 3 so only 4 more days to go... yayy. -.-
If anyone has any ideas what you can put on a healthy meal plan, then write it in the comments.

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hi everyone!

This post is more for mac-owners, I need some help!

My mac is wonderful, but this last week it's kinda weird... The network is working on/off, and it's slower than before and Firefox is just lagging... Is it a virus or is it just that I need to erase some stuff on it? Greatful for help!


Tryin' on clothes

Heeeeyyy. Right now I'm at Indira's and I'm picking out what she's going to wear to the party It's so fun.. I love seeing other people have to suffer. xD
After drama, I walked round to Indira's and it was POURING rain and FREEZING. :P Did anyone else around Malmö see the snow!?!? It was snowing SOO much, I got so excited. xD This is like the first snow we've had done here this year. ;)

Now I've g2g, bye.
Luv ya,
Cat xx

I want to go shopping.

O gosh, I really need to go shopping noooooooowwww!! I just love it... I'm thinking of taking the bus in to Mobilia to just check some stores, though I don't think mom would like that. I miss my sister :( Wish she was here...

Today I've made a new drawing, I'M SO HAPPY WITH IT! Do you want me to show it to you?

My computer battery is about to die, so can't blog more.



Heyyyy. Here is what I'm doing today;

First I'm going to drama.
Then I'm going to Indira and we're going to go shopping to get Jenny a present. :3
Then, we're going to get ready for Jenny's party,
We're going to go to the party at 7.
At 10, my mum is picking us up.

That is my plan for the day, I'll try to update throughout the day. :*

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Friday, January 20, 2012

U Sing


I had a fun afternoon/ evening with Cat, we played guitar-hero and stuff. Always fun :) After that I played the piano, and soon I'm going to draw a bit on my new drawing :)

So, I have nothing more to say, so goodnight !


It's Friday Friday Friday FRIDAY :D:D:D

Yeah, happy girl here :D Never been so happy that it's Friday before ;)

School ended 1.15, and then i cycled home after talking to some people (if you want to now it was Alex, Melvin and Gabriel) Then I had lunch and after that, me and mome went for a really long walk in this lovely weather! Right now I'm texting with Cat, we're going to meet up soon, yay :D So that's my plans for today, not really exciting ;)

So, what are you going to do today?


Thursday, January 19, 2012


Good evening, all readers <3

It's finally snowing! Though now I don't need snow, now Christmas and new years's over so now it doesn't matter anymore. Today I've done maths (now I just have one chapter left) and I got stuck with two questions -.- Tomorrow it's Friday, and I'm going to answer Cat now actually, I haven't seen her text yet hehe xD I'm not very good at checking my phone :P

Now I'm not going to get you bored to death, so goodnight <3


When I Went To Lappland

Heyyy. I have lots of stuff to tell you about today. :P

First, in Science, we did an experiment and we had to use these liquid things which could practically kill you. :P So everyone was like freaking out. xD Then, in P.E. we were standing against the back wall, when one of the builders opened one of the side doors, and we all saw that it was snowing, so we opened the big back door and we all got so excited, but then 2 secs later it stopped. -.- After school I went home to Indira's so we could work on our music homework, we hardly did anything because we started discussing the way I eat spaghetti. :P Then I got my hair cut.. I don't really like it because it's all curly but I'll straight it tomorrow or something. :P When I got home, I had to write a narrative poem for English. It took me about an hour.. well more like it took my and my DAD an hour. (He did most of it :P) Though I'm really pleased with it and for once in my life, I'm actually excited about English tomorrow. :P
That's pretty much everything that's happened today. Also, I can't sleepover at Indira's because her dad is home from London and he's like never home so yeah.. Now I don't have anything to do on Sunday. :P
Also, I want Sara to ANSWER HER PHONE so maybe we could meet up on Friday. ;)

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Dark and Rain

OK, so it's 3.50 and it's like pitchblack :o? It's like raining (and a liiiiiiiiittle bit of snow), and I'm soooooo cold! So now I'm sitting in my sofa with my lovely dogs, eating an apple :) Under a heating-blanket, niiiiicccceee :) Today I'm doing nothing (as always, but I'm happy with it) Mom is still in school, but when she comes home we're going to do something fun!

Have to go

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thursday... can't it just be Friday?


This morning has been okay, though I hate mornings -.- Soon I'm going to school, we have like a Egypttest, The NewsQuiz, and German test -.- Not fun at all. And on top of that, school isn't over until 3.15 -.- Thr only good thing is that it's lasagna for lunch, that's actally nice :)

Now I have to fix me little, so have a good day!


Swedish Masterchef

People are really fun. How can food mean so much to them, that they are crying when something goes wrong...? Stupid... Well Well...

Tomorrow I'm just going to school and then I'm doing nothing as always, that's what I'm best at ;) I don't really like to do stuff, I like my house and my dogs :P Shooooooottttt, my sister is going away over the weekend, so we can't do anything fun....!!!! And Cat is all booked, not fun to plan like 4 weeks before to just meet up with my best friend -.- So maybe I'm just going in to the town by myself. Maybe mom wants to come...?

Now ad's over, and this will be the last post from me today, so gnight cuties'


btw, that pic is alot better than I thought!

I'm a dancer!

Hey, like the title says, I'm a dancer for the musical that I'm in. :) The 'director' contacted me and said that they were short a dancer and wanted to know if I would like to be one, so I said yes. :)

English in school today was so funny because first, Magnus kept saying nearly every word wrong, and then we had to read out these chain poems that we wrote in groups. Me, Magnus, Myles and Indira were in a group and our poems were so bad, they didn't even make sense. In one there was a place called Mark, who liked to Bark and had a pet shark. :P Totally messed up. :P

Now I'm going to watch Glee so bye.

Luv ya,
Cat xx

1. Your full name? - Sara Elvira Zenk
2 The correct age? - 12
Third Length? - 1.67
4th Weight? - no idea..
5th Nickname? - nothin, Cat used to call me Elvis for like a day :P
6th Where do you live? - In Sweden xD
7th What do you do in your spare time? - Nothing exciting, playing the piano and like doing homework...
8th Describe your personal look? - Ehhm .., always a pair of jeans a top and a sweater. And always the hair down!

9th What are you most dissatisfied with your body? - My nose
10th What are you most pleased with? - My stomach and legs
11th What is your perception of yourself? -boring.

12th What would you like to work as older? - a vet or like a doctor
13th Natural hair colour hair? - Blondieee
14th Eye color? - Grey-blue
15th Something you want to tell me about yourself, which we do not know? - I can shake my eyes reallyyyy fast and I'm a sunsneezer.
16th Can you say that you look good? - Sometimes
17th How much do you care about how you look? not alot, though not to little either.

18th Is there anything on your body that you can't show unfixed? My eyebrows..

19th Someone familiar? - nope
20th Lucky number? - 9
21st What's your best friend? - Cat
22nd How many close friends do you have? - 1
23rd Do you consider yourself to be "known" in your area? - Not really

24th Know many people who you are? - maybeeee
25th You hear your name at the school, everyone knows who you are? -njaaa, maybe them in year seven...
26th When were you last with a friend? - Today in school
27th Do you feel compelled to hang out with some friends? - sometimes
28th Who did you sleep last among your friends? - Elli

29th Who slept with you last? - Cat

30th You want a relationship? - naaahhhh
31st Would you prefer that your guy / girl to be older or younger than you? - Preferably older
32nd Are you in love? not going to answer that one..
33rd Someone likes you more than as a friend?- yup
34th Are you ready to invest in a relationship? - Depends on who and feelings
35th How far would you go with your girl / guy? - The same
36th Do you think much about the look of your girl / guy? - the inside is more important, but ofc I look at the outside, who doesn't?
37th Do you dare to say "I love you" in real life? - Yes

38th Could you be with someone at your school? - Well, depends
39th In your class? - same

From kisses to sex:
40th Have You Hugged the opposite sex? - yeah
41st Have you ever just wanted to go out and hug someone? - Yeah!
42nd Have you hugged a loved one in front of people? - Yes
43rd Have you kissed someone of the opposite sex? - Yes
44th Have you kissed someone of the same sex? - Jao
45th Have you kissed the one you love? - ja
46th Have you kissed someone in front of people? - Yes
47th Kissed someone in front of people? - Jaop
48th Necked in front of people? - nope
49th Who was your first make-out? -----------

50th How many have you made out with for a night? ---------
51st Who is your best flirt? - Do not compare exactly:)
52nd And who is your past? - Jolle
53rd Your most beautiful flirt...- Haha
54th Are you ashamed to make out in front of people? -----
55th Had sex with someone in a public place? - nope
56th Had sex at all? - nope

57th How old were you the first time? ----
58th How old do you want to be the first time? depends, though NOT younger than 16
59th Been dumped after sex? - Don't think so...

Thoughts & shit:

62nd Do you have a phobia? - yeah
63rd Do you have any allergies? - don't know ...
64th What are you thinking before you fall asleep? - Exactly everything!
65th What is the first thing you think of when you see a person? - Depends on who

66th What do you enjoy to hear that you are good looking or hear that someone likes you? - That someone like me
67th A crazy night with the girls or an intimate evening with the guy? - Depends on how much I like this guy: D
68th What comes first, the guy or your best friend? - bestiee
69th How often do you think about guys about everything else? don't know

What do you choose?
74th Virgin 40 + or not virginity at age 13 -? - The last
75th Friendship or relationship? - Depends on feelings,
76th Best looking guy in town with the worst personality or the ugliest guy in town with the finest personality? - Oh that's hard: (
78th What is the sexiest, naked or underwear? - Underwear
79th How old would you like to be between 7-15? - 15, cause then you just have 3 years left in school

Would you?
80th Be able to switch lives with someone? - no
81st If so, who? -
82nd What would you do if you had to change lives with the opposite sex for a day? - Lot of stuff: D
83rd Be able to show you naked for the whole class if you were SEK 10,000? - Haha no
84th Be able to have sex with a pedophile just to let a friend live? - If it was a damn close friend
85th Able to sleep outside in the winter? - never
86th Able to move to another country, and if so, which? - YES, I'm never going to stay here in Sweden! I can move anywhere; America, England, Cyprus, Italy... doesn't matter!
87th Be able to spend your life on ciggaretter & drugs because you feel bad? - NEVER IN MY LIFE!

Clothing style:
88th Do you consider yourself to be a special style? - no
89th What you wear most often? -jeans, top, sweater
90th Do you think of what you put on? - yeah
91st You dress expensive? - no
92nd What drives you on? - My race;)

Last 48 hours I have?
93rd Kissed someone? - Yes
94th Had sex? - No
95th Received a hug from a complete stranger? - no
96th Called someone? - Yes
97th Been called? - yep
98th Found love? - I wish I had...
99th Checked on google? - Haha, yes

100th How long did this? no idea xD

I'm so sorry for the bad translation, you know, google :P Anyway, do you think it's fun to read these things? Comment Comment Comment!


Home Sweet Home

I'm home from school now. Wednesdays are the most boring thing on earth... But tomorrow it's Thursday, and then Friday! Yay!

I've been home for like 20 mins, and the only thing that I have done is to eat. Pancake, smaskens!
Later I'm going to my pianolesson and then (as always) I'm going to have a newsmarathon. Anddddddd I'm going to clean my loved MacBook <3


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This morning has been terrible! First I woke up and took a shower, and we didn't have any applejuice home!!!! I can't live without applejuice in the mornings! After that I noticed that I had like an allergic reaction on my shoulder, it hurts so bad! I ate some chocolate yesterday, maybe it was that... Let's not hope so..

Now I'm in school sitting on a table, talking to people... We're having english soon, so can't write anymore.


Modern Family

Hey y'all. Wazzzup? Right now I'm watching Modern Family. I got my blue macbook case today that I ordered a while ago though I'm so effing pissed because it's the wrong one. :@ So now I can't use it. I might get some sort of skin for my macbook. ;)

I don't know what else to write, so here are my plans for the rest of the week;

Wednesday: School and tennis
Thursday: Maybe go to Indira's after school and then get my hair cut
Friday: Completely normal day.. I think
Saturday: Drama, sleeping over at Indira's, and at 7 - 10pm it's Jennifer's Party
Sunday: Be at Indira's for a while and then go home
Monday: School, Indira's for a while and then a meeting for London Calling

That's my plans for the rest of the week.. not that exciting. :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Gossip Girl- The End Of The Affair

Okeyyy. Seriously? What the hell are they doing? Chuck and Blair are supposed to be together, why can't they understand that? In episode ten, Blair was all like "We're going to spend the rest of our lives together" and stuff with Chuck, and after the accident she's just like, nope, God listened to me, so now I just have to cut Chuck out of my life". I was just like WHAT?! They just want more people to look at it... And I just hate Ivy, she's just not important. It feels like they can't think of anything to write about. So I think this will be the last season. If Chuck and Blair find eachother in the ending I'm happy. I think Leighton have written on a contract for 2012, and then nothing more, so if there will be another season, I won't look at it. There can't be another Blair...!!!!

So now I just have to wait a week for the next episode. This will be the last post from me today, so gnight everyone!


P.S. Gosh, look at Chuck in season 1!

Bold And The Beatiful

Watching tv right now, have to do some studying later, stupid maths -.- And Swedish. And German. Since when is it so much in school?

Today it's tuesday, which means it's Wednesday tomorrow (wow, hard to guess right?), and that means it's Friday soon! Later today I'm going to watch the new episode of Gossip Girl, though school comes first. Today at art (not painting, like woodwork and stuff) I cut my finger on like metal, soooooo painful! The blood dropped on the floor... Though the good thing is that I got an A on my thing that I made :D

Ad's over, so have to stop writing!


Monday, January 16, 2012


Right now I'm watching 90210. I love it. :P School today was completely normal, but we got so much english homework. :@
I can't thing of anything else to write, so bye.

Luv ya,

Visit this blog!

You have to visit this blog (it's in swedish)!

The owner is a girl from my old school, she's so nice and sweet!

Click on this link for a awesome blog!


And one more thing, what do you want us / me to blog about?

Sara xx

Home From School


I just got home from school and I just put on a movie on our new tv, it's in 3D :D

I forgot a book that I needed for my homework, so I have like nothing to do :) Chill... Though kinda boring. I have to look at this movie, I don't think it's that good, but we'll see.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sleepover and Algebra

Hey, sorry I haven't posted. I was sleeping over at Jenny's. I got home at around 4, then walked my dog, and now I just finished my maths homework. Stupid algebra. :/
The sleepover was fun, and today we met up with Keren to go ice skating. She is like AMAZING! :O I wasn't that bad, but nowhere near as good as her. :P One time we were all holding hands, and then Jenny fell, and then she pulled on Keren to help her up so Keren started wobbling which made me wobble and we were all laughing so hard, but luckily I didn't fall, so yayyy. :D

That was just a quick update, and g2g now.
Luv ya,
Cat xx

Don't want to..

I don't want to go to school tomorrow! A whole week is before me, I just don't want to! Homework, early mornings and just horrible stuff... I don't have the energy to do anything, and because of that I feel lazy which just makes it worse.

Miss the old times..
xx Sara

Saturday, January 14, 2012



Today I woke up at 8.3o( my mom woke me up..) because we were going to the gym! I ran 10 kilometres! So my legs are like spaghetti now xD After that I tok a shower and helped mom with the lunch, and now we're going to look at some furniture to our livingroom, we're changing alot in there, the painting, the furniture, the floor, so you can't be in there now :( So tomorrow we're going to buy a new TV :) I think we're going to buy a thing that you can put the Tv on today, though I don't think we're getting it home today. But if we are, then I'll show you.

Have to go
Sara xx

Friday, January 13, 2012

Another freakin accident!?!?

I just got back home from this meeting thing for the musical I'm in. (It's the play that I auditioned for a while ago and thought it went really bad, turns out it didn't go so bad. :P) After the meeting I went to Indira's to wait for my dad to pick me up. We played karaoke, I wasn't as bad as I normally am. xD
We went round the back way on our way home because there was ANOTHER accident on the motorway. This morning I was late for school because there was an accident (my friday 13th bad luck) and on Wednesday I was ALSO late because of a stupid accident.
Can't people learn to drive properly.. like seriously!?

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Going Shopping

We're going Birthday-shopping now, it's my dad's birthday tomorrow.

After the food me and my sister walked the dogs, and we wnt for a looooong walk, and now we're going shopping... as I told you..

so byeee


I'm home now, school was ok, I had maths with year seven today, scarrryyy... but it went realy good. Later I'm meeting up with Cat, though not until 6 or something.. Me and my sister is cooking, it smells nice! I have to help her now, though I'll blog later!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friday 13th

Haha, I just noticed the date :P I wish everyone luck today, hope you don't get hurt! I'm in school now, all alone with j, kinda boring... I have like no Internet connection, so I can't blog...

So bye, and happy Friday 13th!

British Stool Scale

In science we have started learning about the human body and this is a video that our teacher showed us and I thought it was kinda funny, so decided to show it to you. :P

We watched this RIGHT before we went to lunch, so imagine how we felt while we were eating. xD

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hey!!! I am so happy right now because my dad got me a new wii!!!! My wii broke when we moved to Sweden almost two years ago and I haven't had any wii since then, so I'm like SO excited now! :D
He also got my mario karts with the steering wheel. It's so fun, though I suck at it. xD Also, he got another remote, so if I can find one of the other ones, then I'll have 3 remotes! :D Though I don't know where it is, so hmm...

Luv ya,
Cat xx


It's Wednesday today, Friday soon! Two days in school, and I'm sooo tired of it. We did nothing special today, we had maths and english and stuff.. After schol i cycled home and walked my dogs, and after that mom drove me to my piano lesson :) It went really good!

Now I'm going to have a "Lilla Aktuellt" marathon, news test tomorrow... I won it last time, it's not really like a test, hard to explain.. So bye for now! :)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Day Of School

Today was the first day of school. It wasn't that bad, except for the fact that I had to get up at 7. -.-
Our schedules have changed a bit, so now we have geography before history which means that we finish an hour early! :D So instead of finishing at 4, we finish at 3! :D

Right now I am about to go see when Kockum Fritid's closes because me, Indira and Sarah might go ice-skating on Wednesday. It feels like ages ago that I was last ice-skating and we've been talking about so much recently, and now I just NEED to go! :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx