Sunday, January 1, 2012

1 Januari 2012

It's going to take a loooooong time for me to get used to write 2012. I haven't get used to write 2011 yet, sometimes I still write 2010.

Today we went up in the mountains, looking for mufflons. Though you had to walk 20 kilometres, or drive in the mud, on a smallllll road. So we started to walk, but after 500 metres it started to rain.. And hail... So we walked back.. After that we ate lunch in Pafos, really cool waves today, you'll get the pics when I'm home. We're going home tomorrow, and we're not home in sweden until eleven or something. It's going to be nice to come home now, and really fun to see my loved dogs :D

Happy New Year btw ;)


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sarah said...

Hoppas du hade ett gott nytt år! :D