Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Days

Hi everybody, and sorry for bad update!

Yesterday me and my sister went to the city, I bought a jacket and a pair of jeans ;) After that we saw The Lion King on the cinema in 3D, that movie is a masterpiece. Seriously, Titanic is the only movie in the world that's better...

Today I haven't done so much, done some maths and played Zelda and stuff, and now I'm sitting in the sofa listening to music. Tomorrow my mom and I are going to Malmö (again) to buy me new trainers. After that we're going to the gym. Tomorrow is the last day before school starts again, that sucks... And I'm done with my drawing, I'm sooo happy with it! :D I'll maybe show you, if you want..

I have like nothing to write about, comment what you want to read! Here's some pics that I forgot in my list " Before I Die".

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