Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eenie Meenie

I love that song, the chorus, is soooo catchy :) And Justin is sooo awesome <3 His new song is so great, even with the screams in the background ;) I'm sure when it comes out for real it'll be AWESOME. (It already is..) I just hope that they won't fast it up, the speed that it has now is just perfect <3 Why do you not like Justin Bieber? Someone who don't, can you please explain for me? Because I really don't get it...

Anyway, I think that I'll stay home tomorrow... I don't want to!! When you're in school you're always like oh, it's so much better to be sick... And when you're sick, I wan't to go to school. I'm like that anyway...

Have a good night,

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