Thursday, January 26, 2012

How I Use Facebook.

Okay. So people in my school (and everyone else) always use Facebook. 24/7. One of my friends is ALWAYS online, if we're talking, she's on facebook at the same time. Seriously? And when I ask them, what are you doing really? Because how interesting can it be to sit there reading; "Cat and Sara are now friends". I would get tired in one sec. Yeah, it's good to keep contact with people, but I'm not on it 24/7. I got Facebook 2 years ago, and in the start I played LOTS of FarmVille. Then I stopped and I wasn't on it for a while, because only like two of my friends had FaceBook then. After that everyone started to get it, so then I thought, okay, I'll give it one more chance. And then I was trapped. When I open internet nowadays, I automatically tap the browser thing, write the letter f and then I see all these blue colours. Checking very quickly, it can't take more than 10 seconds.

So that's pretty much how I use FaceBook. Log on, checking stuff for 10 secs, and IF there's someone interesting online (Cat) I stay on. But nothing more than that. So if I'm going to rate FaceBook on a scale 1-10, it'll get......

a 7! And the reason? Admit it, it's very good to use it if you're not seeing your friends and family everyday. And you can stalk people without them knowing about it. Hihi. No names.

How do you use Facebook?

/ Sara

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