Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's only -8! :O

Hey, I'm in Kiruna. :D It's actually really warm, only minus 8! :D Normally by now it would be ATLEAST -20, though it's warmer over the whole world right now, so that's why. ;)

The travelling went smooth this morning, it was so nice the connecting flight, because at Arlanda (Stockholm), you just got off the plane and then just stayed there because you get off where the gates are. Unlike every other time I've done connecting flights, were you have to walk around like the whole airport, and you sometimes even have to go through security! :O

When we got here, we had something quick to eat because we hadn't had anything to eat since this morning.. airplane food sucks. :/ Then, we just walked around the place. ;) Tomorrow we're going to the Ice Hotel. I'm kinda nervous, it's like minus 5 in the rooms! Everyone thinks we're crazy for going here. :P

That's all I have time to post for now, so bye. Have a nice evening.
Luv ya,
Cat xx

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