Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Last Song

I just watched that movie,I really liked it! Just my type of movie :) And Liam Hemsworth is HOT.
Now it's like evening, and my throat still hurts soooo bad. Not very fun ...

The stats today = good, that's fun!
But I can't think of anything more to say, so here's so pics from Immeln ;)

If you don't know what Immeln is, it's like a "camp" that you do in 5th grade if you live in the district that owns the house that you live in. You're going there with the whole class for two days and just having fun, though I didn't think it was SO fun, but of course I have alot of memories from there, especially when we were in a canoe xD I could tell you, though that would take a looong time, but it was so fun. I will NEVER forget that, I don't think that Cat will forget it either...

Have a good night!

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