Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bless Us Fater. We're About to Sind.

The light in my weeks nowadays is Tuesdays! Then I can watch the new Gossip Girl episode. Because swedes are so after I have to wait one extra day. If I had watched it on TV I would have to wait even longer, thank god for Internet.

Since season 5 started it's been kinda boring, but when you look at the promo for episode 13, it looks like thing's going to be a bit more like Gossip Girl! If Georgina is going to ruin the wedding I'll love her forever. If Blair actually marries Louis, I will totally ditch that show. No Chuck & Blair, no Gossip Girl. If I'm going to be honest, I don't care about Serena, Nate, Dan or anyone else. I don't even know what they're doing right now. All I care about is Chuck & Blair. They should rename the show to "Chuck and Blair's show". And all those people who says that Blair has to be with Dan (no offense) what are you thinking? Since episode 7 in season 1, it's really clear who Blair has to be with. Chuck and Blair... Even the names are so perfect. It's so obvious, now the producers just want to have more watchers, that's why they're keeping Chuck & Blair away from eachother. I just hope we'll get a happy ending!

I just love Georgina's "Bless Us Father. We're About to Sind".

What do you think- should Blair be with Chuck, Louis or Dan?
/ Sara

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