Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pain -.-

My thorat hurts soooo baaaad. The wierd thing with me is that yesterday i thought "hey, I think I'm going to be sick this week". And now I probably will be that! Wiiiiieerd. I hate when my throat hurts, there's like nothing you can do about it -.-

Anyway, I'm not going to have a long talk about my throat, so let's go on!
Today it's my brother's birtday, say congratz to him! So after piano he picked me up, because dad and mom was going to get him a present. After that we made food, rolled chicken filled with nice stuff with pasta and tomato sauce. Really nice. For desert we had raspberry-pie with custard, I loooooovvveee raspberry-pie, though I hate applepie.

So, tomorrow we have the NewsQuiz, it feels like I'm going to fail totally -.- Anyone who knows anything about the world this week? Mostly in Sweden... hehe.

Have a wonderful evening,
xx Sara

(pics is taking 4ever)

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