Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1. Your full name? - Sara Elvira Zenk
2 The correct age? - 12
Third Length? - 1.67
4th Weight? - no idea..
5th Nickname? - nothin, Cat used to call me Elvis for like a day :P
6th Where do you live? - In Sweden xD
7th What do you do in your spare time? - Nothing exciting, playing the piano and like doing homework...
8th Describe your personal look? - Ehhm .., always a pair of jeans a top and a sweater. And always the hair down!

9th What are you most dissatisfied with your body? - My nose
10th What are you most pleased with? - My stomach and legs
11th What is your perception of yourself? -boring.

12th What would you like to work as older? - a vet or like a doctor
13th Natural hair colour hair? - Blondieee
14th Eye color? - Grey-blue
15th Something you want to tell me about yourself, which we do not know? - I can shake my eyes reallyyyy fast and I'm a sunsneezer.
16th Can you say that you look good? - Sometimes
17th How much do you care about how you look? not alot, though not to little either.

18th Is there anything on your body that you can't show unfixed? My eyebrows..

19th Someone familiar? - nope
20th Lucky number? - 9
21st What's your best friend? - Cat
22nd How many close friends do you have? - 1
23rd Do you consider yourself to be "known" in your area? - Not really

24th Know many people who you are? - maybeeee
25th You hear your name at the school, everyone knows who you are? -njaaa, maybe them in year seven...
26th When were you last with a friend? - Today in school
27th Do you feel compelled to hang out with some friends? - sometimes
28th Who did you sleep last among your friends? - Elli

29th Who slept with you last? - Cat

30th You want a relationship? - naaahhhh
31st Would you prefer that your guy / girl to be older or younger than you? - Preferably older
32nd Are you in love? not going to answer that one..
33rd Someone likes you more than as a friend?- yup
34th Are you ready to invest in a relationship? - Depends on who and feelings
35th How far would you go with your girl / guy? - The same
36th Do you think much about the look of your girl / guy? - the inside is more important, but ofc I look at the outside, who doesn't?
37th Do you dare to say "I love you" in real life? - Yes

38th Could you be with someone at your school? - Well, depends
39th In your class? - same

From kisses to sex:
40th Have You Hugged the opposite sex? - yeah
41st Have you ever just wanted to go out and hug someone? - Yeah!
42nd Have you hugged a loved one in front of people? - Yes
43rd Have you kissed someone of the opposite sex? - Yes
44th Have you kissed someone of the same sex? - Jao
45th Have you kissed the one you love? - ja
46th Have you kissed someone in front of people? - Yes
47th Kissed someone in front of people? - Jaop
48th Necked in front of people? - nope
49th Who was your first make-out? -----------

50th How many have you made out with for a night? ---------
51st Who is your best flirt? - Do not compare exactly:)
52nd And who is your past? - Jolle
53rd Your most beautiful flirt...- Haha
54th Are you ashamed to make out in front of people? -----
55th Had sex with someone in a public place? - nope
56th Had sex at all? - nope

57th How old were you the first time? ----
58th How old do you want to be the first time? depends, though NOT younger than 16
59th Been dumped after sex? - Don't think so...

Thoughts & shit:

62nd Do you have a phobia? - yeah
63rd Do you have any allergies? - don't know ...
64th What are you thinking before you fall asleep? - Exactly everything!
65th What is the first thing you think of when you see a person? - Depends on who

66th What do you enjoy to hear that you are good looking or hear that someone likes you? - That someone like me
67th A crazy night with the girls or an intimate evening with the guy? - Depends on how much I like this guy: D
68th What comes first, the guy or your best friend? - bestiee
69th How often do you think about guys about everything else? don't know

What do you choose?
74th Virgin 40 + or not virginity at age 13 -? - The last
75th Friendship or relationship? - Depends on feelings,
76th Best looking guy in town with the worst personality or the ugliest guy in town with the finest personality? - Oh that's hard: (
78th What is the sexiest, naked or underwear? - Underwear
79th How old would you like to be between 7-15? - 15, cause then you just have 3 years left in school

Would you?
80th Be able to switch lives with someone? - no
81st If so, who? -
82nd What would you do if you had to change lives with the opposite sex for a day? - Lot of stuff: D
83rd Be able to show you naked for the whole class if you were SEK 10,000? - Haha no
84th Be able to have sex with a pedophile just to let a friend live? - If it was a damn close friend
85th Able to sleep outside in the winter? - never
86th Able to move to another country, and if so, which? - YES, I'm never going to stay here in Sweden! I can move anywhere; America, England, Cyprus, Italy... doesn't matter!
87th Be able to spend your life on ciggaretter & drugs because you feel bad? - NEVER IN MY LIFE!

Clothing style:
88th Do you consider yourself to be a special style? - no
89th What you wear most often? -jeans, top, sweater
90th Do you think of what you put on? - yeah
91st You dress expensive? - no
92nd What drives you on? - My race;)

Last 48 hours I have?
93rd Kissed someone? - Yes
94th Had sex? - No
95th Received a hug from a complete stranger? - no
96th Called someone? - Yes
97th Been called? - yep
98th Found love? - I wish I had...
99th Checked on google? - Haha, yes

100th How long did this? no idea xD

I'm so sorry for the bad translation, you know, google :P Anyway, do you think it's fun to read these things? Comment Comment Comment!



Anonymous said...

who did you kiss in the last 48 hours?

Sara ❤ said...

A guy in school :)

Anonymous said...

whats his name?

Sara ❤ said...

He's called Jolle :) Why?