Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swedish Masterchef

People are really fun. How can food mean so much to them, that they are crying when something goes wrong...? Stupid... Well Well...

Tomorrow I'm just going to school and then I'm doing nothing as always, that's what I'm best at ;) I don't really like to do stuff, I like my house and my dogs :P Shooooooottttt, my sister is going away over the weekend, so we can't do anything fun....!!!! And Cat is all booked, not fun to plan like 4 weeks before to just meet up with my best friend -.- So maybe I'm just going in to the town by myself. Maybe mom wants to come...?

Now ad's over, and this will be the last post from me today, so gnight cuties'


btw, that pic is alot better than I thought!

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