Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 10 Perfumes (with comments)

...by Sara.

(x menas I own it)

1. Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. Absolutely lovely! It doesn't smell to much, and it doesn't smell "perfume" at all! (x)

2. Oh Lola- Marc Jacobs. (The pink one) I love the smell and the bottle, so nice! It's expensive though :P ( )

3. Someday by Justin Bieber. Smells really nice, though I don't really like the bottle. Though I'm going to order it. ( )

4. Britney Spears Fantasy. Like it, my first perfume! (x)

5. Naomi Campell Seductive Elixir.Like it, though the bottle is a little boring. (x)

6. Beyonce- Heat. (The really red one) Love it! This should be higher up; mabye a third place, though I don't have the energy xD (x)

7. Viva la Juicy. Like the smell, but not the bottle. ( )

8. Avril Lavigne- Forbidden Rose. Like it, but it goes away pretty quickly. ( )

9. Chanel Chance. This one is too.... i don't know :P But I kinda like the bottle (x)

10. Marc Jacobs- Daisy. Like the bottle (this guy can do bottles), but the smell.... Well not as good as the bottle ( )


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