Thursday, January 5, 2012

Watching The Voice

Heyyy, right now I'm watching The Voice. :) I hate Carola. :@

This morning, at 8, a guy game to our room and woke us up with hot lingonberry juice. (Remember.. we were in the Ice Hotel). I slept like a baby the whole night. :P I thought it was so nice, your body was warm and cozy, while there is cold air getting blown into your face. I could definitely sleep there again. :P

After breakfast, we went on an Ice Hotel tour about how they built it and stuff. Then, at 1, we went dog sledding. It was awesome. There was one really cut dog, Alex, who kept turning left and disobeying the guides orders. :P Soon, my mums friend is coming here, and we're going to the Ice Hotel restaurant, I hear that the plates are made of ice. :O Then, after dinner, we're going to the Ice Bar. :D

Tomorrow, me and my dad are going snowmobiling. I can't wait until that. :D

G2G now,
Luv ya,
Cat xx

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