Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If you have twitter

Or if you don't, GO MAKE AN ACCOUNT!!!! then go follow Justin Bieber! Let's get 18 million beliebers for his birthday!!!!!! His username? Pretty easy. Justinbieber . Simple? FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOWWWWWW


Goodnight everyone, not going to bed yet, but anyway :P

Tomorrow it's Justin Bieber's birthday, for the ones who didn't knew that... When I wake up tomorrow he'll be 18! Where did the time go? Hehe, I bought Live My Life yesterday and I've already played it 35 times :P I really like it. Anyway, I have to go put down some money in my schoolbag, though I'm completely bankrupt, me and mom are probably going to New York ( :D:D:D:D) in October, and I have to pay half of my ticket by my self -.- And just saying', my wallet doesn't like that.. So now I have to save even more, clean the house, do the ironing, do the washing up even more... Maybe I'm not poor then :P Now I really have to go,


Live My Life

Heeeeeeyy. Sorry for no posts today. I've been really busy and hadn't had time. ;) I downloaded Justin Bieber and Far East Movement's song a while ago, Live My Life. And I love it! xD At the start I didn't really like it, but it's one of those songs that the more you listen to it, the better it gets and the more you start to love it. :P
Today in P.E we played volleyball, well, we didn't actually play it, just learnt to dig it and stuff, though I was actually quite good at it. :P I'm kinda surprised. xD

G2G now.
Luv ya,
Cat xx


Hello everyone! 

Today I came home from school and made pancakes. It went really good! After that I took the bus to my piano lesson and now I'm home. I'm going to do some homework, watch 7 episodes of the news and my science homework... Oh shit, I have german too.... I better start now as you hear :P


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Euphoria- Loreen

If this song doesn't win the Swedish competition so it can win the whole Eurovision, something's really wrong :P This girl can SING!


Nobody's Perfect

Heeeeeeyy. Soon I'm about to watch Grey's Anatomy. :) I got home from dance at around 6.45 because my dad had to go to the store. -.- The dance we're currently learning is to Don't Stop Me Now, and it's like sooo fast. So it's so hard because we're all like blaaaahh. :P
Right now I should really be studying French because we have a French test, though I cba to study. :P Let's just hope it goes ok. xD

Luv ya,
Cat xx

The Sims 3

It was ages ago I played that. I actually miss it, it was really fun just to live someone else's life. But the thing I did on that game was to build. House after house, small, big, cheap, expensive. I got better and better, and after a while even I could say my favorite house was kinda good. I stopped playing sims when I got the expansion pack pets, it didn't work like it should. After that I just lost the happiness with it. And now I miss it. To bad I uninstalled it two weeks ago....


The Last Days

So, I'm home and alive. Good to know.

Yesterday nothing interesting happened, except one thing, someone in my class told us that she was going to change schools. It's the person that I'm not so happy with, but now when she's gone it feels so weird. And now her best friend is all alone, it's just like me and Cat, so now we're like hangin' :P I knowhow it feels to "lose" your absolutely best friend, it's not a nice feeling. I also know how it feels when people says, oh, I know exactly how it feels. Because they don't. They've never experienced it.

And today I woke up as usual, school as usual, and then home as usual. Now I'm going to watch the news, very interesting. After that I'm going to practice a thing we had to do for our next National Test. And then I'm going to do some maths, we have a test on Friday -.- So I have to go,


At Indirassss

Heeeeeeeyy. Right now I'm at Indira's, and I'm about to leave for dance rehearsals soon. ;) This was just a quick update to tell you what I was doing. :P I'll post more when I get home at around 6.30. :*

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Pulse

Heeeeeeyy. I just finished my lap report about my experiment I did on the pulse. It took me like 1 and a half hour to write. :/ Hopefully I'll get good grades for that. :P At 6 im going to guitar. Though I haven't practiced the last thing we went over, but ah well. :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx

I'm in love


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last Night

Heeeeeeyy. Indira just left. Last night was one weeeeirrrrd night. We were up until 4 just doing random stuff. And Indira did the cinnamon challenge and the ice and salt challenge. You should have seen her doing the ice and salt challenge. She was screaming at me to stop, but I didn't, and now she has the shape of an ice cube on her hand. :P
This morning we randomly cycled around trying to look for coke and mentos. DYK, Konsum doesn't have any mentos. :P So then we had to cycle aaaaall the way up to Ljunghusen. Then, when we did the experiment, it was really failed. :P

Here are some pics and videos from last night...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


We've Got A Hangover

The title says it all...

Luv ya,
Cat & Indi xx

Last night in Cyprus


This is the last evening here in Cyprus, I'm going to spend it in my room with my computer. I'm going to watch eurovision :P There's nothing better to do here. Before that I'm going to watch the news (omg, that's soooo boring) and maybeeeeee do some maths....If I have the energy... 

Today we just sat on our terrace again, the sun was so nice :) So, now I'm red all over my body xD I forgot the oil... wooops. Also I read out my other book, it was really good. So I have like nothing interesting to tell you. Now I'm kinda cold, though my skin is really hot, it's a weird feeling.  

I'm going to drink some tea now, 
Good Times

Friday, February 24, 2012


Heeeeeyy. Today I'm taking the bus into Malmö at 11 and I'm going to meet Indira. We're going to go shopping and maybe to the cinema. We were thinking of going ice-skating, but thought that that wasn't such a good idea, considering that neither of us can skate. xD The only problem with the cinema is that there are no good films on atm. :@ So we'll see what happens there. ;) I probably won't be posting much today, as when I get home, guests are coming, though I will try! :)

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Cadbury Top Deck

My drug right now <3

Walking in the sunshine


Tomorrow is the last day here, on Sunday we're going to clean our apartment and then we're going to the airport at 1. The sun here is wonderful, so we took a long walk today, had lunch at a really nice restaurant and just sat in the sunshine. Nice Now I'm going to do some maths (most boring thing on earth) and watch the news (changed my mind; it's even more boring with the news). After that I'll watch a movie or read my book. Or write on my book :P 

Hope ya'll get a really nice evening,
hugs from Cyprus.
This was in December, it's not really how the sea looks like now...

Summer Lovin'

Heeeeyy. I just walked my dog, and boy, did it feel like summer! It was so warm, I was practically sweating with my coat on! For once, I actually want it to be summer! This is going to be the best summer ever! Italy with my cousins, the Olympics in London and Belfast with my BFFs!!! :D

This picture just makes me want summer even more...

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lovely Sun


The weather today has been amazing. Sun all day! I'm getting a little suntan, so that's good. Though I look like a panda in my face, I'm still not brown around my eyes. It's always like that, even when we're here in the summer for 2 weeks. So today we just sat on our terrace, and I read out The Hunger Games. The first book was the best of the three, and I think Katniss chose the wrong person, it should've been Gale... And when the sun went down we went to Paphos to walk around there, I got a new pair of shoes :D Love them.  And now I'm lying on my bed writing this. I'm supposed to watch the news, and that's what I'm going to do when I'm done with this. I hope. And when I'm done with that I'm going to take care of my nails, avocado-oil, nail-peeling and creme. That's my evening tradition. And morning tradition :P

And today Sweden's new Princess was born! Congratulations to Victoria & Daniel, I wish you the best of luck!

That's pretty much all I've got to say, have a nice evening.

The nicest feeling ever...

...Is when you've been wearing ski boots all day and you finally get to take them off. Your feet feel so light and free, don't you agree? :) Anyway, skiing today was awesome, like always. :D We might be going back up again on Sunday, but only if there is snow so it probably won't happen. :( After all this skiing now, I really want to go up to the Alps, I can't wait until next year! :D

Look at the nice powdery snow...

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Next 2 You

Good evening!

Soon I'm going to read my book, the last part in the Hungergames. It's kinda sad, what am I going to read when I'm done with that? My other book of course, but it's probably not as good. It was a long time ago I read a book like this. Right now I'm listening to Justin (who else?????) and writing a bit on my story. I watched Gossip Girl a while ago, and now I'm not worried about Chuck & Blair anymore, when Blair finds out that it was Dan who posted that video of her to Gossip Girl, she'll "break up" with him. Kinda hard to break up with someone you're not together with :P Yesterday (or if it was the day before that) when I logged onto Twitter and I saw that #believeisamazing was trending, my heart just sank, and then I saw it was just prank :P It took a half-hour for that to start trending, I'm proud over the Beliebers<3 My computer is stupid, it tried to change Beliebers to believers..... I'll stop talking now,


(P.S I'm so stupid. I forgot to post this yesterday evening, so you got it now....)

1 million

OMGGGG!!!! I just need to share this with you!!! I'm like so excited, I just got one million in temple run! I know, I'm so lame, but I don't care, because I'm so freakin happy. XD

Going skiing tomorrow.

Heeeeyy. This is just to let you know that I probably won't be posting tomorrow as I'm going skiing again. :) Though I will try and post in the evening. ;)

Luv ya,
Cat xx

We're here

Hi everyone!

Now we're here in Cyprus, everything went well, the stupid thing was that my dog's leg was really injured. He's not well yet, though my sister is home with him, let's hope he gets better. The weather here's is amazing compared to Sweden, nice and warm :) Today we went for a long walk and stuff, tomorrow I have no idea what we're going to do. I'm really in the mood for going out and see people, too bad I don't know people here :P And I'm not really brave, so that's probably not a good idea... So I will probably do some homework, not really fun but I have to do it sooner or later, so why not just do it so you're done with it? :P

When I come home you'll get some pictures, my camera is always with me.

The Buried Life

Heeeeyy. I just had a shower and now I'm watching The Buried Life. In this episode the thing they wanted to cross of their bucket list was streak at a football game. xD I'm waiting for The Ellen Show, that is the best thing about being off school, being able to watch The Ellen Show everyday. :P Ellen Degeneres is SO funny! :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Heeeeyy. You have my new favourite song up there ^^ Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. It's amazing, and so catchy! And it's all thanks to Justin Bieber that I know about it. :P You should listen to it, oh wait, you can, just click the play button below..

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Skier at Heart

Hey, sorry for not posting today. The reason for that was because I was skiing! :D We went a bit up north to this skiing place, it wasn't Austria, but better than no skiing at all. :) We might be going up again on Thursday, though I need to see, because some people have said that it's going to rain then. :S

Luv ya,
Cat xx


Hello everyone, I'm probably not going to blog for a while, there's stuff going on here, I'm not even sure if we're going to Cyprus anymore, so yeah...


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Temple Run

Heeeeyy. I have become so addicted to Temple Run! I have been playing it pretty much all day. Though I am so annoyed because I was only 44,000 away from 1,000,000. :@ My goal is to get one million! :P

My Day Today


Today I've been with my mom & dad at entré, I bought some really nice stuff, I'll show you later. We were there until lunch, and after that we went for a long walk, but I rollerbladed for the first time this year. It's so fun! And now I'm sitting here, wondering what I can do. Maybe I'll read my book or something else. I'm probably just going to play Zelda for a while, I haven't done that since christmas :o 

As I said before, I'm going to show you the stuff that I bought later!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Back!

Hey guys! I'm back! I've missed blogging, although, it has been kinda nice not having to blog for a week. Anyway, now it is winterbreak and I am doing nothing. -.- I was going to go skiing, it was booked and everything but then my dad had to do this thing for work, but then his worked changed their mind, so that now means that I'm not doing anything. Though tomorrow, we're going somewhere in Sweden to ski for a day and I'm going to have a sleepover with Indi, that's all I've got planned. ;)

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Lovely Saturday

Today I woke up, had breakfast, took a quick shower and after that we went to Malmö to look for a new car to mom. We found one, though we're going to think about for a while, it's the new Mini :) Really cute ^^ Ww went to Lund aswell, to see my brother, it feels like it was a long time ago. After lunch I started to clean the laundry, it was really messy before, now it's nice and clean. Did some ironing too, and sorted socks. Some money in my empty pockets :) So now I'm going to order Someday, and then I'm going to have it when we come back from Cyprus!

That's pretty much all I have to say, have a nice evening!


I'm ironing right now, update later!

Friday, February 17, 2012



No more school for a week now, so nice.
When I came home from school I had lunch and then we went for a looong walk with the dogs, in the forest, the beach and then the forest again. It took 2 hours, so that's pretty much all I've done today. Soon I'm going to continue with my drawing, I'll show you later if you want. After that I'll just chillax with my lovely family with a movie. I think.

Happy Friday!

Cute or what? <3

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Isadora Wonder Nail

Worst pic ever, but whatever...
Isadora 605 Matte Top Coat
Isadora 191 Gothic Black

I love the Matte Top Coat :D New favorite!


People say that angels live in heaven, but I've found one on earth.

That should be me

Home from school now, home alone with my lovely dogs.. Mom is coming soon I think, we're going to buy some nail stuff when she comes home, I'll show you later! I don't know what Cat is doing, all I know is that she got into trouble :P Don't ask me why though.

Otherwise, I don't have interesting things to tell you, tomorrow is the last day before sportlovet :D Niceee!
Mom came home now,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I'm so happy :D Catching Fire and Mockingjay :) love it !!!!!

Hello there!

I have no idea what Cat is doing, I have to text her...! I want to know so bad, maybe it's just her computer that's broken or something boring like that :P I really need to know...

School was awful, though I made it the whole day, but now I had to skip my piano lesson because this stupid thing. So now I'm lying on the sofa, going to watch three episodes of the news soon... But if I know myself right I probably won't do it until tonight :P 2morrow it's Thursday (SURPRISE!) and after that it's Friday, and then I'm free from school for 10 days! And on Tuesday I'm going to Cyprus ❤ 

I need to text Cat now, so bye :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm sitting on my table here in school, tired and with a really bad cold. Maybe I'll go home later, it feels like I'm dead... Well, that's not very interesting for you to hear, so I'll talk about something else. Hmmmm... Oh, I think my books are coming tomorrow :D that's s good thing about paying 20 :- more for a fast deliver ;) I can't wait!!!!!!! I want them NOW! That reminds me, I forgot my "schoolbook" at home.
And my Englishbook!!! Dang it. Shit the same, let's hope I don't need them today... My friend came now, so bye!


Hey, sorry, but this is just to let you know that I won't be able to blog until Sunday. Talk you then.

Luv ya,
Cat xx


I had fun with picnik, what do you think of me with brown hair and brown eyes? :)
I like it, maybe I should dye my hair brown... Here's the original pic :)
What's nicer? :)


I don't want to wait

Yesterday I read out the best book I've read since Twilight. Which book am I talking about? The Hunger Games. And of course, I'm so stupid so when I ordered the first one, I didn't order the 2nd or the 3rd... So now I have to wait like a week before the next one comes... I don't want to wait, I haven't read a book that is that good in years! I love the feeling you get when you just find that book that you can't stop reading, and when you're done you feel so sad.

Let's just hope I'll get the books fast!


So Damn True

It's so true this. I really want to help those people who need help, those who don't have food on their table. When I grow up I'm going to Africa (or someplace where they need help) to help people! It's not fair that people in this world's starving. 

Before I get to depressed, I think I'm going to start making my Valentines Day gift soon, it's going to be Snoddas I think. I just need to get some energy first... An then I'm going to watch the news, so I don't need to watch so many episodes tomorrow... 


Dair = Blööhhhh

So, I guess I was wrong... Though season 5 isn't over yet. I'll just keep my fingers crossed for Chuck and Blair.

What happened to Gossip Girl?! Look at season 1, the things they did was at least realistic. Blair hated Dan, she was absolutely best friend with Serena, and now? Blair has gone from hating Dan to like him, I barley see her together with Serena anymore and she's like a girl with no self-conscious , she doesn't know what she wants and she's just walking around saying "I don't like Dan. Oh, I just kissed him, maybe I like him anyway, no I don't". And that Louis isn't showing at all is just weird. I don't like him, but for gods sake, they're married! Maybe just by a contract, but seriously?

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's weird.

It's kinda scary that in just one short week I'll be on a plane on my way to Cyprus. I've missed it so much, the nice and warm weather, the mountains, the blue sea, our apartment, THE SUN! Even though it's just February, it's going to be so nice to get away from the stupid, cold snow. Last year when we were there in February, it was wonderful. It was so green, my eyes hurt so bad, it was warm and I got a little bit of a tan :P Hope it will be that nice this year again!

Here's some pics from last year!


Happy Valentines Day

I have to stay home from school today... I don't want to.. I have a fever (I always have a fever, BieberFever, but this time it's for real) and my throat hurts so bad... I'm going to take a tablet now, and hope I'll get better .

And today it's Valentines Day! And if the world ends this year, I'll spend my last Valentines Day sick and single... Very fun :P I hope everyone else gets a good day today anyway :)

Have a better day than me :)

I hate snow...

This snow is driving me crazy! You get all wet, it's melting inside your house and it's soaking wet on the floor, it's cold and people's driving soooo slow! Like, it's a little bit of snow, cmon, you don't need to drive 20 when it's 100.... Stupid. So, I just want the stupid snow to go away.

Today we had fire practice at school, on the math lesson :P It was kinda cold standing in the snow with no shoes and no coat. We can't have our shoes inside when it's so much snow outside :P Not the perfect thing to do when you're sick... So now I feel a lot worse. Stupid snow -.-

I have to go now,

Snowball Fighttttt!!!

Heeeeeyy. I'm luvin' the snow today! :D After Math today and before English, we had a snowball fight. :D I got so wet. Magnus *mulade* me - like when someone pushes a snowball in your face - twice so now I am freezing. And, I got lots of snow down my shirt. -.- I was soaking wet and freezing, but had to sit through the whole of English. Not a nice feeling. :/ I really want it to snow again, so we can have another snowball fight. :P Though I just have this feeling that it's not gonna snow again. :(
Right now I'm listening to music from 2010 (when I first moved to Sweden). It feels so weird listening to this music. :P And, at 6 I'm going to guitar. I haven't practiced the piece that my teacher gave me last week, but ah well. :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Pictures from Malmö!

Snow & more snow

I don't like snow... I'm kinda depressed, my throat hurts so bad AGAIN! I don't want to be sick :( I don't have the energy to blog, sorry...

Saturday Night Live

Heeeeeyy. Sara went home about an hour ago, and now I'm watching Saturday Night Live. ;) We had lots of fun on the sleepover, especially when we were in Malmö. :P Hopefully Sara will upload some pics. ;)
Soon I need to start doing my Swedish homework and then research something about cricket, because we have a cricket test on Tuesday. -.-

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Twister Time

Right now I'm with Cat, we're going to play Twister...

So yeah,
have a good evening!


The bus didn't go until like 12.30, so I have more time than I thought... So I'm going to upload a pic of my hair today! Haha, not the most interesting thing to do, but anyway :P

I don't get my hair... Sometimes it's really nice, weavy like now, and sometimes it's just flat an so boring... I want my hair to always be like this :P And of course, it's never like this in school....