Sunday, February 5, 2012

60 Questions..

Hey, I'm so bored right now, waiting for dinner so I thought I would answer the same 60 questions that Sara did..

1. What's your middle name? Maria
2. What first name would you like? I'm not sure, something that's spelt easily. xD
3. Are you in a releationship? Nope
4. If yes, how long have you been together? -
5. Who where you last together with? A person..
6. Can we know how it ended? No
7. Have you had a serious releationship? No
8. Who knows most about you? Min cousin <3
9. What do you do on Friday evenings? With friends or watching tv
10. Best film you've ever seen? Blades of Glory or Never Say Never <3
11. Have you had sex with more than 5 people? No
12. Have you ever been drunk? Once I was drunk on kids champagne.. xD
13. Have you tried drugs? No
14. Do you smoke? No
15. Do you sniff? No
16. Do you miss anyone right now? Lots of people..;(
17. How do you feel today? Awesome, except for my stupid homework. -.-
18. How many tablets do you take a day? 2
19. What did you do exactly a year ago? Uhh.. something? But 2 years ago, I was getting to move to Sweden. ;)
20. Best memory from the summer? Being in Belfast or New Jersey with my couz. <3
21. Last country you visited? Poland.. I think.
22. When where you there? In the Summer
23. Are you racist? Definitely not!
24. Are you completely Swedish? Nope
25. If no, what are you? I'm Irish and proud to be. <3
26. Do you prefer Swedish or foreign guys? Foreign, but depends what country..
27. Are you looking forward to anything? Italy with my cousinnn! :D
28. Do you look after school? I guess..
29. What grades did you have last year? I didn't have grades then..
30. What is the best you've got in a test? 100%
31. What subject was it? English/Literacy
32. Have you failed a test? Yes.. hehe xD
33. Have you played/play in a band? Rock band, if that counts..
34. Do you think you're intelligent? Yeahh..
35. What was the best time of your life? When I was in Ireland, I just didn't realise it then.. 
36. What was the worst time then? When my parents told me we were moving. 
37. Have you felt really bad mentally before? Yeahh..
38. Have you self harmed in anyway? No, but almost..
39. Have you had sleeping problems? Yeah
40. How often do you cry? Not that often.. anymore.
41. What do you do when you feel really bad? Lie in my bed and cry.
42. Who do you talk to when you feel bad? No one..
43. Do you want back any of your ex's? No
44. What class do you go in? 7th Grade
45. What school? Bladins
46. Have you even cheated on someone? No
47. Has anyone ever cheated on you? No
48. Are you proud of yourself? Sometimes.
49. What do you think you're best at? Cheering people up. 
50. What do you get compliments for? My hair.
51. Can you easily make people laugh? Yeah
52. Cider or beer? Neither
53. Do you have any talents? I'm sure I do..
54. Do you know if anyone has a crus on you? Not that I know off. :3
55. Are you friends with your siblings? Don't have any siblings. :(
56. What does it say in your last text that you got? Can u pls send me a copy of the info you already have for weather?
57. How tall are you? 162 cm
58. How much do you weigh? Not telling.. xD
59. What is your clothes size? It depends.
60. Have you answered truthfully? Yes :D

Luv ya,
Cat xx

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