Friday, February 10, 2012

The awkward moment when...

...You show up to school and there's a fire truck parked outside and hundreds of firemen inside. Yes, that's what happened to me today. Right before I got to school, they had had a fire alarm so when I got there, there was a firetruck. :O It kinda freaked me out. :P
Anyway, today has been completely normal, except for in math when me and Sarah could NOT stop laughing. It all started when I couldn't hear anything she was saying, and I kept on going what? Then, because we were laughing so much, we couldn't concentrate on the algebra, so we kept fighting over what was right or not, and then we asked Magnus and I like started screaming at him, going WHAT!?!? Then, me and Sarah were done and everyone else was still working on the paper, so we had to do the things that Magnus and Shardul were doing, they're like math nerds. And, when Marko told us we had to do it, we just looked at each other, burst out laughing and said good luck. :P Though, we actually did it! :O With the help of Magnus though. xD He taught us a trick on how to find 'x'. :P We kept on laughing about random things, because I'm the kinda person, that when I start laughing, I can't stop. So I think we laughed that whole math lesson. :P Then, when we were leaving, Sarah just stopped, looked at me and said, 'Did you ever notice the big cat on the back wall?' I was just about to go what the heck are you talking about, but then I turned around and looked at the back wall. There was a HUGE poster, and I mean HUGE - it went from floor to ceiling- poster of Puss 'N' Boots. We just burst out laughing and everyone stared and us and was just like what!?
I don't think I will ever forget that math lesson. :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx

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