Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear dentist... I HATE YOU!

Okay. So, I thought going to the dentist, not that bad, but oh, I was SO wrong. I had like elastic things on one side of my mouth before, and I could live with that. But now I have a triangle on the left side. A TRIANGLE?! I seriously thought they were joking with me... And it hurts so bad, I can hardly open my mouth and it's so hard to put it back in. A triangle... Who came up with the idea of braces?! I'm going to kill that person...

Except that, I'm fine. But I'm so angry with the snow, it's just in the way for everything -.- I'm probably going in to town with Elli on Saturday, I need some hoodies and just knitted sweaters :) Though nothing's decided yet, we'll see :) I'm going on my piano lesson at 7, and after that I'm going to take my daily bath ;) And tomorrow we have more tests -.- I'm going to die... Now I need to stop writing, it feels like I'm so negative :P


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