Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Last Days

So, I'm home and alive. Good to know.

Yesterday nothing interesting happened, except one thing, someone in my class told us that she was going to change schools. It's the person that I'm not so happy with, but now when she's gone it feels so weird. And now her best friend is all alone, it's just like me and Cat, so now we're like hangin' :P I knowhow it feels to "lose" your absolutely best friend, it's not a nice feeling. I also know how it feels when people says, oh, I know exactly how it feels. Because they don't. They've never experienced it.

And today I woke up as usual, school as usual, and then home as usual. Now I'm going to watch the news, very interesting. After that I'm going to practice a thing we had to do for our next National Test. And then I'm going to do some maths, we have a test on Friday -.- So I have to go,


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