Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Next 2 You

Good evening!

Soon I'm going to read my book, the last part in the Hungergames. It's kinda sad, what am I going to read when I'm done with that? My other book of course, but it's probably not as good. It was a long time ago I read a book like this. Right now I'm listening to Justin (who else?????) and writing a bit on my story. I watched Gossip Girl a while ago, and now I'm not worried about Chuck & Blair anymore, when Blair finds out that it was Dan who posted that video of her to Gossip Girl, she'll "break up" with him. Kinda hard to break up with someone you're not together with :P Yesterday (or if it was the day before that) when I logged onto Twitter and I saw that #believeisamazing was trending, my heart just sank, and then I saw it was just prank :P It took a half-hour for that to start trending, I'm proud over the Beliebers<3 My computer is stupid, it tried to change Beliebers to believers..... I'll stop talking now,


(P.S I'm so stupid. I forgot to post this yesterday evening, so you got it now....)

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