Monday, February 6, 2012

No Homework :D

This week is going to be kinda chill, the only "hard" thing is the tests, because I have like no homework :D Just veryyy little german, and the other people in my class have math too, but I'm a class higher in maths, and we don't have any homework this week :) The first time I went there, I was sooo scared, but now I really like the people there, so much better than my class. It feels like I know some of the girls better than some of the girls in my class. There's 4 people in that class that I really like :)

Anyway, enough about that. Right now I'm chatting with Cat on Facebook, we're planning our weekend... We were thinking maybe a sleepover, though that depends on her homework. Otherwise we'll just meet up as usual on Friday I guess. Soon I'm going to take a warm bath with candles and nice music, I did that yesterday, it's so nice when it's cold outside. My feet were so cold that it hurt so much when I first put them down in the bath :P I'm always cold. Today when we had a break in school I went outside, I went to a very special place, I haven't been there since Cat changed schools... It didn't feel well, I could just replay that moment... Now I'm not going to make myself depressed :P

Have a good evening <3

P.S Look at the pretty pic of Cat! I want summer :(

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