Monday, February 13, 2012

Snowball Fighttttt!!!

Heeeeeyy. I'm luvin' the snow today! :D After Math today and before English, we had a snowball fight. :D I got so wet. Magnus *mulade* me - like when someone pushes a snowball in your face - twice so now I am freezing. And, I got lots of snow down my shirt. -.- I was soaking wet and freezing, but had to sit through the whole of English. Not a nice feeling. :/ I really want it to snow again, so we can have another snowball fight. :P Though I just have this feeling that it's not gonna snow again. :(
Right now I'm listening to music from 2010 (when I first moved to Sweden). It feels so weird listening to this music. :P And, at 6 I'm going to guitar. I haven't practiced the piece that my teacher gave me last week, but ah well. :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx

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