Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Good morning!
I'm in school sitting at my table, it's just the perfect table, you can see everything from it. Today I'm going to leave school at 12.30, I'm going to the dentist. Outside it's snowing so much, I hate it :P there's some people here listening to Justin, and they HATE him. I'm really annoyed with people who thinks they like him, but they really don't. They don't deserve to listen to him... I really want it to be Friday, or even better; Saturday. But it's actually Friday tomorrow! And we have more tests -.- what a wonderful way to end the week. I can't be bothered to blog more, so here's today's finger-outfit :P
I've painted my nails really pink and I have a ring on my fingers aswell :P interesting huh? xD

Have a good Thursday :*

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