Friday, February 17, 2012



No more school for a week now, so nice.
When I came home from school I had lunch and then we went for a looong walk with the dogs, in the forest, the beach and then the forest again. It took 2 hours, so that's pretty much all I've done today. Soon I'm going to continue with my drawing, I'll show you later if you want. After that I'll just chillax with my lovely family with a movie. I think.

Happy Friday!

Cute or what? <3

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honmednaglarna said...

Tack! :)
Jag målade den röda basfärgen först, sen målade jag halva nageln svart med en smal pensel. Gjorde kanterna mellan det röda och svarta ojämna med penseln bara :) Ganska lätt egentligen, bara man har en smal pensel. Pröva :)