Saturday, March 31, 2012


Read my new blog! 

I will probably update here a bit, but not as much!


Monday, March 26, 2012

I just wanna love and treat you right

To busy to update, just want to listen to Boyfriend all day long <3 It's amazing!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jogging with RunKeeper //S

Some shopping


It's not fun to blog anymore, especially not when it's so sunny and nice outside! But hopefully you'll get an update tonight, it's not a promise though. 

I have to go out again, and the pics from my shopping comes up later.


Friday, March 23, 2012

It was sooooo gooooooood

Like seriously, the best movie I've ever seen! IT was AMAZING! I'm in love with Peeta.... (Well, not like Justin, but anyway..) I loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm like so excited!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Next Up

Next up: go for a jog. I'm just going to get my sister to come with me.



I honestly cba to blog. Recently blogging has felt more of a thing that I had to do, instead of something that I enjoy. I think I might take a break from blogging for a while.

Cat xx

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Laugh attack at Subway

Heeeeyy. I had a laugh attack at Subway. :P After school, me and Indira went to subway.  (I love subway :D) And I don't think I have ever laughed so much at subway before. The first funny thing that happened was when we were ordering. I got Indira to order for me because I hate ordering. xD I wanted ham and cheese and when she ordered, she said skinka and ham which means ham & ham. :P When she said it, I burst out laughing because every time even the tiniest thing funny happens, I burst out laughing. Then I was whispering in her ear, cheese, cheese, cheese. Then she said cheese, but she said it in English instead of Swedish so I burst out laughing. She had like a brain dead moment because she kept on saying cheese because she didn't realise what language she was speaking. She was going like skinka and cheese. By this stage I could hardly talk and was trying to say ost (cheese) but I couldn't get it out and I was like o-o-o-os-os-t-t. Though, eventually we ordered and when we were eating I got this laugh attack because Indira was like trying to take my drink away from me and then snot burst out of my nose. It was soooo funny. :P
That was our very interesting trip to Subway. :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Monday, March 19, 2012

55 Days

I have 55 days before I am a teenager.  

Live your life like there's no tomorrow.

Cat xx

Stuck in the mud

Hey y'all!! :) Today in school was like a blast from the past. After lunch, nearly the whole class played stuck in the mud. It felt like primary school when you had you breaks and the whole class used to play games. It felt nice, though everyone was so sweaty afterwards and we had to sit through 1 hour 15 mins of technology, with our clothes sticking to us. -.-

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh Yeah

Boring Dayyyy

And tomorrow it's going to be even worse... We have like this thingy tomorrow, I don't know what it's called, but we're going to cycle 7 km! With the whole class.... Like yeah, good luck.... But we finish earlier than usual, like 13.30 :D But after that I'm going to the dentist -.-

I'm like trying so hard to find my old phone, it's not going so well. I feel dead without my phone, even though I don't use it so much. What if someone tries to text me? Ah well...

Now I'm going to do the ironing, so booooooriiiiingggggg. But I totally need the money. How am I going to get to New York with no money? :P


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Skyping with the awesomest person

Heeeeyy. Right now I'm skyping with the awesomest person in the world... my cousin. :P We're thinking about all the funny things that have happened to us and all the times we have go into trouble. We're like laughing so hard. :P Btw, happy saint patrick's day. :D
Sorry I haven't posted. My aunty from Belfast came on Friday. I didn't know she was coming, so I was kinda surprised. Today we went to Denmark and I went to abercrombie & fitch. I bought lots of clothes and a really nice skirt that I'm going to wear to my baby cousin's christening. :) I'll maybe upload a pic of it later. :)

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Friday, March 16, 2012

My life is over.


It's not weird though, it's an iPhone 3G, my brother bought it from a guy in Greece when iPhone was something new. So it was a while ago....

Rest in peace my iPhone 3G. You've done a great job. And I'll always love you.



Look out everyone, here comes the hottest person on earth in a verrryyyyyyy hot version!

Okeyyyy, so here's the two possible covers for Justin's new single, and I'm so in love with both. But if I really have to choose, I'd go for number 1 :) 

It's only 10 more days. You can do it Sara. It's just 10 days. 


I feel like shit

Hii. I feel like shit. -.- I went to school today, though came home after science because my throat hurts, like, I can hardly talk, I can't hear out of my left ear, I have a headache and I'm sweating.
I was supposed to sleep over with Jenny and Indira tomorrow, though I don't know if I'll be able to go. -.-
Right now, I'm watching Disaster Date and my dad just made me some hot water with lemon and honey. :)

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Heeeeeyy. I have just spent the last 1 and a half hour writing an essay about the bronze age for Swedish. I am finally done that, but now I have to write an essay about the ice age, stone age, iron age and the viking times. We are doing a project on 'forntiden' I don't know how to say it in english. :P Though it's like the ice age and all that. We were in groups and we had to do a presentation about a certain age. I did the presentation last week, and it went ok. :*

Luv ya,
Cat xx

The Hunger Games 23/3-12


(Sorry for this post. I'm just so hyper)

We got trapped in a toilet cubicle

Helloo. I know, weird title, but what it says, is actually try. -.- This happened yesterday, but I didn't have time to post because I was studying for my Science test. Anyway, here is the story...

We had just finished music and we had a 50 minute break. Everyone else was playing stuck in the mud, but me and Sarah didn't have the energy to play because we were starving and didn't have any energy left in us. So, we decided to go down to the basement were the toilets are. There is one toilet there that doesn't have a handle, but you can open it with your key. We decided to go in there. We were in there for about 40 minutes and we had lot's of fun, we were doing these really random jokes from when we were younger, and we were ringing random people. Then, I had to go to the toilet, so I tried opening the door, but I couldn't get it open. We tried for about 10 minutes, but we couldn't get it open. I started panicking and got really claustrophobic. We started to ring people but no one answered their phone, but finally we rang Keren and thank god she answered! We told her to get Indira because she was the only other person who knew about it and who knew that we would be stupid enough to go in there. We were talking to her and screaming into the phone. We told her to come down to the toilets. She came down and she brought Chany. We were trying to tell them how to open the door, but they couldn't. I started to panic and I was really freaking out because if felt as though all the walls were coming in and everything started to get smaller. We were trying to open the thing for about 20 minutes, and by this time, we were all ready 20 minutes late for lunch. But finally I tried and I put all of my body weight onto the key, and it opened. I came running out and feel into Indira and started hugging her. While I was hugging her, I burst into tears, and I'm not kidding, tears were pouring out of my eyes. I have no idea why I started crying, though partly was because I was still in shock after thinking that the walls were closing in on me and I was just so happy to get out. By this time, lunch had started a loooong time ago. We went down to the lunch hall and it was so awkward because everyone knew that we were stuck in the toilet. We told John (the teacher that was taking us for lunch) that Indira had lost her phone, though I don't think he believed that, though he didn't say anything about it, so that was good. Everyone kept asking us what had happened and when we were in English, Magnus kept going, are you ok, are you sure you're ok and kept going on like that because he also gets really claustrophobic and said that he would have started to freak out.
So yeah, that is the story of when me and Sarah got trapped in a toilet cubicle.

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

School is taking time

Study study and more study, sorry but I don't have time to post. WE have a big German-test tomorrow and another stupid thing which I can't explain. So this is just a really quick update, but soon it's Friday! But next week is even worse, we have national tests in Math -.- But, I'm going to focus on that it's just 3 weeks until easter! Not even that! And, when it's April, it actually summer soon!

One weird thing is, I haven't met Cat since the beginning of February... A month ago?! It's like new record...

Otherwise, life is just going on, nothing exciting, lots of boring things, crappy world and yeah, do I have to say more?


Monday, March 12, 2012

'I love you, you're the love of my life'

Do you wanna know what really annoys me? When an 11 year old writes that she is in love, that she has found the love of her life and she would die if something were to happen to her partner. To me, this is just stupid. When you are 11, you do NOT know if you're in love or not. Honestly, you barely take to each other.  One of my facebook friends just posted this on her wall...

Half a year today with my beautiful baby.

I just love you you are kind of my life. If you would stop breathing, I would give you my breath because you might live.
I remember the days when you and I got together, this was like one of the happiest days of my life. And now it's six months ago. You are one of the best in my life. The feeling when your lips meet mine is fucking incredible.

Honestly, I just think that's stupid. You're 11, your hormones haven't even kicked in yet. Tell me what you think about this...?

Luv ya,
Cat xx


Good evening <3

Tomorrow it's no school for me, studiedag is the shit! :D:D So I'm not going to go up early :D Around lunch me and my sister are going to Malmö, we're going to look in some stores and have lunch and cozy stuff like that, and I really hope that the weather will be as good as it was today, sun and like 10 degrees! It was fun to cycle home from school in the sunshine, and my dogs loved to walk <3

Another thing that I need to tell you, before you get to chocked or start to think that my parents are like evil or something, this is my idea :P I think I spend to much time in front of my computer, so I have like a new "rule", 45 minutes a day. Of course, if I have schoolwork or something, that doesn't count. So probably I'll update even less.

That's it. my 45 minutes are running out!


I miss the old times

I miss the old times when the answer to a question was one line. Now it's about 10...

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Heeeeeeyy. So yeah, Loreen won Melodifestivalen. I wanted Danny or Ulrik to win. -.- Though she's still k. ;) Right now I am listening to Soldiers by Ulrik. I love it so much, I'm like addicted to it! :D

Here it is, though I don't know if it's a good video because I'm listening to it on Spotify. ;)

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Loreen is the winner of Melodifestivalen 2012! Let's win Eurovision too!

What has my life come to?

Right now, my mum and all her friends are in my house dressed like complete idiots. They are going to a 70s party tonight and they're getting ready here. They're wearing psychedelic clothes and have false eye lashes and wigs. It's one of those moments in time when you're thinking, what has your life come to.
Maybe I'll post a pic of them later... that is, if you want to see them.

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some News

Okay everyone. I'm a bit better now, though the thing that I posted about yesterday is still not really solved.   I'm going to tell you some interesting stuff now.

Okay, so, first of all, me, my sister and my dad are going to Cyprus in a month, or less than a month actually... Nice with some sunshine.
2nd, I've decided to start up another blog, in Swedish, I'm thinking about where and what it's going to be called and stuff. When everything's done, I'll tell you here. But I'm not going to stop blogging here, but probably I'm not going to post as much. I just feel like I want to do something else and not in english...
And the third thing is..... that I'm sick. Again. I hate this. So that's why I post like early :P

So, I'm going to continue with my research now. Btw, did you know that it's like impossible to find a free name on blogspot?! So if anyone of you just get a nice name in your head right now, pleaseeeee say it to me, I have like no fantasy at all.... Well, I wanted it to be called like blackberry or something, but of course, that's not free.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012 - Invisible Children.

Go watch it. If you don't you don't have a heart. Shortest 30 mins of my life.

SPREAD THE WORD!!!! It's really important!!!!!


Is this the end?

Don't know anymore. Who I want to be with, who I belong with. 1 year ago, I never thought this day would come.

Sorry if you don't hear from me in a while. Need to clean my brain.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

San Francisco

Heeeeeyy. Right now I am listening to San Francisco by Maxime Le Forestier. It's for my French homework, I have to learn the first verse of by heart. -.-
Today in history, me and Sarah could NOT stop laughing. This muslim person came and she gave us these sentences that we had to pair up and we could NOT pair them up. Here are two of the sentences that we paired: Muslims attend Friday prayers on Friday and Some mosques include mosques. :P We were like so hyper in History. :P Then, after school, me, Sarah and Indira bought some shit. xD It's this energy drink, it's actually kinda nice. :P We went to the park and we were climbing on these things and somehow, I got a splinter. :P We didn't know how to get it out because we didn't have anything to take it out with, so we decided to call 118 800 and we were like, 'how do you get a splinter out' then he replied 'use a tweezer' and we were like 'what if we don't have a tweezer' and he was like 'go somewhere where they have one'. It was so funny. :P Then, when I got to dance rehearsals, I couldn't untie my converse and I spent like 10 mins trying to untie it, but in the end I just had to cut it. ;( So now I have to get new converse laces. ;)

That was my day. ;)

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Monday, March 5, 2012


Heeeeeeyy. Today after school I went round to Sakari's with Max and Erika to work on our Swedish presentation. We didn't really work on it though.. we got kinda distracted, and then in the end we just ended up playing table tennis. I suck at it. xD And we only had 3 rackets so one of us had to play with our hands. ;) I got home at around 6 and have been doing my homework ever since then... I have a math test tomorrow. D:

Luv ya,
Cat xx



Sunday, March 4, 2012


Sorry for no update, it's not fun to blog anymore.. :(

Today I met my friends, Elli, Nico, Isabelle, Sten, Lucas, Wille, William and Sarah... We did this thing, it was not really homework though in a way it was.. So now I'm like so tired, we went out in the cold weather, and I had my spring-jacket on, no hat or gloves, and with a really bad cold... So I'm probably going to be kinda sick tomorrow. I don't want to :( I'm sick a lot nowadays, not fun :(

I'm going to take a waaaaarm bath and just have a cozy evening, hectic week now.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


OOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG! I'm like so happy right now because I just found out that the Friday music video is on youtube again!!! I know I'm slow, it's been on since September, but whatever. xD Remember, it was taking down before because people were writing stuff. ;) Anyway, I LOVE Rebecca Black. xD I don't get why people hate her so much. She might not be the best singer, but her songs are freaking catchy!

Luv ya,
Cat xx

My Saturday

I am spending my Saturday doing lots of homework.... yayy.. not. -.- Right now I'm doing my Swedish presentation and am getting so freaking pissed with Prezi. If anyone has ever used prezi before, then you should know how annoyed you can get with it sometimes! :@ Then, after this, I'm going to do some math and then study for my French and science test. Funn... not!

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Garden fix!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Svar :)

Cat: Nej, det känns inget att dra ut dem, om allt går som planerat och om du har en duktig tandläkare, men sprutan du får med bedövning gör så jäkla ont. Du anar inte, men håll dig bara lugn och säg ingenting så är det över efter ett tag. Jag fick bedövning på 4 ställen, inte mysigt.... Men det är värt det i slutändan :)

The Dentist

Now I'm going to tell you what happened at the dentist today. ;)
The nurse dentist person (I don't know what you call them :P) like SHOUTED at me. xD She said that I don't fiddle with my teeth enough and I was like, yeah I do and then she was like no and I'm just like OMG. So yeah, she shouted at me pretty much the whole time. So now, I have to go back to the dentist again sometime soon to get some teeth pulled out. And after that I'm going to get braces... hopefully. But I'm scared, does it hurt to get teeth pulled out? :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx

I Will Kill You!

Heeeeeeyy. Today has been quite a funny day. :P During one of our breaks, me and Indira were trying to climb up this thing in the playground without our earphones falling out, because we were sharing earphones. And then one time, I started falling over and I was like ah, Indira will make me stay and not fall, but then I felt her sliding to the side and then she fell off and she was like underneath the thing but still holding onto the rope, and I did a 180 in the air and landed on my back still with my hands on the rope. Though the most amazing thing was though, that the earphones stayed in!! xD
The next funny thing that happened was during math. I was leaving early because I was going to the dentist (that's a whole other story) and I had to try and tell Marko that I had to leave. But he had my back to me and he was at the back of the room. Then, me, Sarah and Sakari tried to get his attention but we couldn't and kept saying to Sakari, 'throw an eraser at him' and then Sarah was like, I'll just go get him. And I was like noooo, don't you dare get him, I will kill you. And I was like lying on her chair and screaming and Sakari was just laughing, it was so funny. :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bitch Please, I'm a Belieber

Don't know where to begin. I'm crying my eyes out. Thank you Justin for being my hero and inspiration. I'll always love you. Always a Belieber. <3


Never Say Never


Now It's time for NSN, with ice-cream and mandarines :') And Happy Birthday Justin. Love you. You know that? Can't belieb you're already 18...


Happy Justin's Birthday!

Heeeeeeeyy. Like Sara said, today is Justin Bieber's birthday!!!!!! I'm like so sad, I mean, he's an ADULT now! It feels so weird to watch his old videos, I mean, he's changed so much!!!!!!! I just wanna watch Never Say Never with a tub of ice cream and cry. I know, I'm so lame. xD
Right now I'm colouring in. xD It's for English. ;) We have these poetry books and now we need to make them look 'pretty'. :P It's going to take FOREVER!!!! D:

Luv ya,
Cat xx