Friday, March 2, 2012

I Will Kill You!

Heeeeeeyy. Today has been quite a funny day. :P During one of our breaks, me and Indira were trying to climb up this thing in the playground without our earphones falling out, because we were sharing earphones. And then one time, I started falling over and I was like ah, Indira will make me stay and not fall, but then I felt her sliding to the side and then she fell off and she was like underneath the thing but still holding onto the rope, and I did a 180 in the air and landed on my back still with my hands on the rope. Though the most amazing thing was though, that the earphones stayed in!! xD
The next funny thing that happened was during math. I was leaving early because I was going to the dentist (that's a whole other story) and I had to try and tell Marko that I had to leave. But he had my back to me and he was at the back of the room. Then, me, Sarah and Sakari tried to get his attention but we couldn't and kept saying to Sakari, 'throw an eraser at him' and then Sarah was like, I'll just go get him. And I was like noooo, don't you dare get him, I will kill you. And I was like lying on her chair and screaming and Sakari was just laughing, it was so funny. :P

Luv ya,
Cat xx

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