Tuesday, March 6, 2012

San Francisco

Heeeeeyy. Right now I am listening to San Francisco by Maxime Le Forestier. It's for my French homework, I have to learn the first verse of by heart. -.-
Today in history, me and Sarah could NOT stop laughing. This muslim person came and she gave us these sentences that we had to pair up and we could NOT pair them up. Here are two of the sentences that we paired: Muslims attend Friday prayers on Friday and Some mosques include mosques. :P We were like so hyper in History. :P Then, after school, me, Sarah and Indira bought some shit. xD It's this energy drink, it's actually kinda nice. :P We went to the park and we were climbing on these things and somehow, I got a splinter. :P We didn't know how to get it out because we didn't have anything to take it out with, so we decided to call 118 800 and we were like, 'how do you get a splinter out' then he replied 'use a tweezer' and we were like 'what if we don't have a tweezer' and he was like 'go somewhere where they have one'. It was so funny. :P Then, when I got to dance rehearsals, I couldn't untie my converse and I spent like 10 mins trying to untie it, but in the end I just had to cut it. ;( So now I have to get new converse laces. ;)

That was my day. ;)

Luv ya,
Cat xx

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