About Us

Hey, we are two girls who live in Sweden. Our names are Catriona and Sara.

Here is how we became friends..

Catriona is originally from Sweden, though when she was 2, she moved to the Czech Republic and when she was 4, she moved to Northern Ireland where she has lived up until almost 2 years ago.
And that is how we met. When Catriona moved to Sweden, she started at the school that Sara went to.
Sara was born in Sweden and has lived there her whole life. When Catriona first started at Sara's school, they didn't really talk. But one day when everyone else was playing King (both of us hate King), we started to talk, and that was the moment we became best friends for life.
Then, not that long ago, Catriona changed schools. Though that hasn't stopped us from being best friends.

That's pretty much how we became friends, ask us if you want to know more.

Cat & Sara

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